First I post my 100th post earlier today.

Then I check my running log to see where I’m at for September–94 miles.  So guess what I did this afternoon.

Yep, you guessed it!  I ran 6 miles to round out September to an even 100 miles!  My first 100-mile month ever!!!


Three Things Thursday – The Three W’s

Wicked, Wooly Worms, and (Robin) Williams, that is.

1.  For her birthday, I bought tickets for my mom and I to see Wicked in Memphis on 10/24.  I’ve heard great things about this production and I CAN’T WAIT to see it!

2.  I saw the first wooly worm of the season while I was running Tuesday.  I actually saw two that evening and one today.  All three of them were solid orange.  According to the old folks, that means we will have a mild winter.  I hope they’re right!  We had it pretty rough last year!

3.  Also while running Tuesday, my iPod threw some Robin Williams at me.  I had loaded it using the random setting, and it loaded the entire Robin Williams Live at the Met CD on it.  Guys, if you have never seen/heard this performance, do yourself a favor and GET ON IT!  It’s hilarious!  (Especially the golf skit at the end.)  I listened to it for a little bit but had to skip over it because the laughter was slowing me down.  Passersby surely thought I was on crack.

Hmmm…this was my 100th post.  I expected more fanfare.  Maybe some confetti or streamers across my monitor?  But, nope.  Nothing.