A Bestie Date is the Bestest Date!

Thanks to the 10 hours and 700 miles between us, my best friend and I don’t get to see each other nearly as often as I’d like.  But lucky for me, she and her husband both have family here and are obligated to come back at least occasionally.  They are here right now for one of those obligatory visits, picking up their kiddo from her parents’ house where he’s spent a few weeks this summer.  I put my dibs in for her on Thursday!  I picked her up at 9 that morning and she was MINE ALL MINE all day!  I felt so cool picking up a hot chick in the vette.  hahaha!

Chick magnet
Chick magnet

First order of business was caffeine!  We hit up my local little coffee shop (where we were lectured about how nobody knows what they really want and schooled on the difference between coffee and a latte lol) and then promptly headed to the nail salon for mani-pedis!

Most awesome nail tech ever.  He was hilariously inappropriate.  Which just happens to be my favorite kind of person.
Most awesome nail tech ever. He was hilariously inappropriate. Which just happens to be my favorite kind of person.

2015-07-03 23.05.14

Since the inception of our Girls’ Day Out plan, we had intended to spend the majority of the day poolside, but Mother Nature just wasn’t all that cooperative.  After our fingers and toes were all sexified, we came back to my house where we looked at the radar and the sky and the radar again, weighing our odds and trying to decide if we should even try the pool.  We finally decided to give it a shot.  The sun was trying SO HARD to come out!  But by the time we got bathing suited up, grabbed some lunch to go and some beer and got there, these were the skies that greeted us.

2015-07-02 14.27.22

We weren’t gonna let a little rain scare us off though.  We stayed by the pool through the sprinkling until it became a steady rain, at which point we grabbed our towels and stood in the garage and waited it out.  Within just a few minutes, the sky cleared off and we actually saw the sun…off and on for the next couple of hours.  When the next heavy rain came along around 3, we packed it in and called wraps on our pool day.

We went back to my house for showers and to pick up D and met Michele’s hubs and son for dinner, parting ways and saying our “see ya later”s about 9 that night.  One short day after not having seen each other in over a year just wasn’t long enough!  We’ve made a plan that next time we will have to go to Virginia to see them so we don’t have to share them with anyone else!  And because I suck and didn’t get a single picture of us together, I leave you with this one, my favorite one of us from our vacation in the Dominican Republic last year!

Love this girl!

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