Mah Belleh

Something is not right with my belly, y’all.  I went to CrossFit last week and positively shredded my abs.  I was soooo sore afterwards.  Not like just “hard workout” sore.  I mean I was damn near debilitated for three days.  It hurt to BREATHE.  And God forbid I had to cough or sneeze.  The pain began subsiding over the weekend, but that’s when the swelling started.  My flat, toned stomach (admittedly my favorite part of me!) is soft, smooshy, and jiggly.  I feel like Fat Bastard.


What the hell did I do???  Obviously the jiggly part is water retention because you don’t just gain 3 pounds of fat in a couple of days.  Now here I am eight days after the initial workout and most of the soreness is gone (most, not all–I still can’t do anything that uses them) but I’m still just as swollen as I was on Monday.  I talked to my oldest friend, who is a weightlifter, and he said it was the same thing as straining an ankle–that swells and retains fluid too till it’s healed.  I ran this all by my BFF (WHO WILL BE HERE IN A WEEK, BTW!!!!!!) who is a nurse at a sports ortho clinic, and she suggested I call my doctor.  I love her and value her opinion to no end, but I’m kind of sick of doctors at this point after all my hip bullshit.  And I’d kinda feel like a moron if he was like, “You’ve strained your abs, Dumbass.”  So no gym for me for a little while.  I can still run, THANK GOD.  I’d hate to lose that again just as I’m getting it back!  I think the wait-and-see approach sounds like the best bet for now.

Have you ever done anything this stupid?  And painful?  And painfully stupid?  Ever injured your abs?

7 thoughts on “Mah Belleh

  1. Wow! 8 days later? I can’t say I’ve ever injured my abs, because I do NOTHING for them. Ha ha. I do stupid stuff all the time! Like the hip strengthening exercises that probably caused the pain I have now. I need to learn to leave well enough alone.


  2. Omg that pic! Haha But this is so strange. I’ve never heard of anything like this. I prob would wait a couple more days and see if it goes down at all but after that maybe go see a doc? I hope you make a miraculous recovery over the weekend!


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