My Summer Bucket List

Natalie at Life is Hard but Never Serious (my absolute favorite recently discovered blog) posted a summer bucket list a few days ago, and I loved the idea!  I’m really bad about letting myself get the blues after a big, exciting event like a key race or trip, and that’s been the case since we came back from New York City.  It always helps when I focus on the small fun stuff to look forward to until the next big deal comes along!  And since our next trip in October seems like an eternity away right now, I need to get excited about the summer I have in front of me!  So here goes…my summer bucket list!

1.     Do a gallery wall.  This one just may take me all damn summer.  I’m the least creative person on this planet, and this most obviously manifests itself through my lack of home decor skill.  So thank God for Pinterest!  I found a few ideas for inspiration, and so far this one is my favorite.  I won’t do it exactly like it is because I don’t think many of my photos would blow up to 16 x 20 with very good quality, but this gives me an idea of how to start at least.


2.     Finish out my cross fit punch card.  I joined a cross fit gym about a year and a half ago with plans of that being a form of cross training as an adjunct to running.  I went somewhat regularly for a while, then the gym ownership changed hands and they changed a lot of stuff and a new crowd came in and I just didn’t enjoy it anymore and gradually quit going.  Trouble is I have 10 more prepaid classes, which is exactly a $100 value, so I need to get my money’s worth.  I need to just go to those 10 classes and then cancel my membership.  Or renew it if I find I like it again.  Either way, I just need to freaking go.

3.     Take dogs to the water.  We’re in the market for a boat, so I’d like to take the dogs down to the water to see if it’s something they’ll enjoy.  I’d love to take them out on the boat with us, but only if it’s something they’ll like.  I’m pretty sure the girl will enjoy it, but I’m not sure about the boy.  He can be timid in unfamiliar situations, but if it’s something he really enjoys he’s super outgoing.  Like at the dog park.  So he may surprise me.  I know he loves playing in the water with the water hose here at the house, so he may love the lake!

My handsome boy
My handsome boy

4.     Visit Garden of the Gods in southern Illinois.  One of my friends told me about this place last summer, and when I googled it I was floored.  I had no idea anything like this existed anywhere around here.  I thought you had to go out west for views like this!  And it’s only two hours north of here.  We NEED to take a day trip here.

Photo borrowed from
Photo borrowed from

5.     Ballgame in St. Louis.  We didn’t get to a single game all summer last year until the National League Championship Series, so I’d like to get in a game or five of regular season play this year.

10-12-2014 - Pam & Dewayne

6.     Current River in Van Buren, Missouri.  Sunshine, beer, and water.  Yes please!  I haven’t been floating in like 10 years.  It’s time.

current river

7.     Visit the Full Throttle Saloon distillery.  Michael Ballard, from the TV Show Full Throttle Saloon, grew up in a tiny town near my hometown, and he recently returned and built a distillery where they make their S’loonshine.  I need to go support his cause!  haha  We’ll probably take care of that one this weekend.  They’re having a big two-day shindig with a car show and outdoor concerts (Bad Company will be there!) and such, and it sounds like a great time to go.

8.     Re-read Harry Potter series.  We’re going to Florida in October, and as part of that trip I’ve sweet-talked the hubby into going to Harry Potter World on our way home.  I feel the need to re-read everything before we go!

9.     Go to Fall Creek Falls.  This Tennessee state park draws people from all over the country, and I’ve never been to it even though it’s in my own state.  Lots of my friends have been, and it looks absolutely beautiful!  I love a good waterfall.

Photo borrowed from

10.   Race a 5K and not suck.  This will definitely be a LATE summer/early fall feat.  Because, God, who wants to run a 5K in 95-degree heat with 102% humidity?  As I get back into training, I want to be sure that I incorporate speed work to get myself used to running uncomfortably.  I was making progress in this area before I was injured, but I’ve lost a GREAT deal of fitness in these months off!  It’s gonna take a while to get that back, but surely I can not suck at a 5K by the end of summer.

And now that I read back through these, that sounds like a lot of out-of-town stuff!  We may not be able to make ALL of these happen this summer, but it’ll be fun to try!

What’s on YOUR list this summer?

14 thoughts on “My Summer Bucket List

  1. Oh this is such a great idea! Summer is my fave season and I know if I don’t make a list it will come and go and I’ll miss out on things I wanted to do.
    I can’t believe Garden of the Gods is only 2 hours from you! I’ve seen pics of that place all over the internet lately and it looks insane! Can’t wait to hear about it when you go.
    And floating on the River?! This must be a southern thing. I’ve heard a few southern/Texas bloggers talk about this but I’ve never heard of/done it. What do you do? Just take an inner tube and some beers and float around all day?! Ha. Be careful and don’t drown!!


    1. How the hell am I just now hearing about it?!?!! lol I’ve known about the Garden of the Gods in Colorado for a long time, and maybe I HAVE heard of the one in IL but always just assumed they were talking about the CO one? And YES that’s exactly what you do! LOL! Everyone gets their float and then usually each couple will get their own cooler float that you just tie off to one of your floats. There are several places you can drop in the water, but the place I always stayed is at a hotel. You rent your tubes there and then they take you up river several miles and drop you off so you float for several hours and just get out of the water back at the landing. Girl, it’s SO! MUCH! FUN! Tiina has already invited herself, so we should just make it a girl’s blogger trip! Come on down and us southern girls will teach you a thing or two!!!! LOL

      Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2015 17:55:36 +0000 To:


  2. this is such a good list! the gallery wall is going to look awesome,I wanna see after pics! and cross fit is so cool/intense. I’ve always wanted to do it but in AZ it’s so pricy! and Garden of the Gods literally looks like a fairy tale, if you go, take TONS of pictures!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants


    1. Yeah, it looks awesome in my head… we’ll see what it looks like when I actually attempt to do it. I’m telling ya…when it comes to doing anything crafty, the struggle is very real for me!


  3. Yes, come to St. Louis! And I may try to invite myself along for floating and Garden on the Gods. I love hiking at Garden of the Gods! One of our favorite ATV places is right by there.

    Sounds like a pretty kick ass bucket list 🙂


  4. Great idea, and great list! Both those parks look gorgeous. And your dog is such a cutie! My dog loves water and luckily we have a local dog pool (no humans allowed!) he can go to. I’m so jealous you’re going to Harry Potter World! I can’t wait to hear all about it!


  5. I love your summer bucket list! What a great idea! I’d make one myself, but with my teenage boys, it could be hard to do some of the things I want to do. Life gets pretty unpredictable around here. I do need to plant my summer flowers, tho!


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