The Great Closet Purge of 2015

I’ve been seeing the phrase “capsule wardrobe” being thrown around a lot lately and thought it sounded interesting.  Then I read the “rules” and saw that the suggested number of pieces in a capsule wardrobe is 37.  HA!  Screw that.  haha I have no interesting in paring down my wardrobe THAT much.  But I liked the idea behind it:  Get rid of the shit that’s been hanging in your closet for years that you don’t love and seldom-to-never wear.

So I went into my closet and had a very honest discussion with lots things.

“I’m sorry, but I just don’t love you anymore.”
“I don’t remember the last time i saw you.”
“I honestly forgot you were even here.”
“You never really made me feel good about myself anyway.”

And so I began pulling things off hangers and throwing them in the floor.

2015-04-26 13.27.55

I still had every race shirt from every half and full marathon I’ve ever run.  WHY?  They’re hideous.  But I had sort of a sentimental attachment to them, I guess.  I rationalized with myself that that’s what medals are for and tossed them into the mounting pile.

2015-04-26 13.34.49

There was one piece though that was super hard for me to get rid of.  It’s the oldest article of clothing I own.  My very first concert t-shirt from Bush’s Razorblade Suitcase tour circa 1997.  haha!

2015-04-26 13.52.49
It used to be black about a thousand washes ago.

2015-04-26 13.53.05

Some friends and I went to see them in Memphis when we were juniors in high school and I’ve had the shirt ever since.  Unlike most of the other clothes I tossed, I still actually wore this one.  haha  Not in public!  Lord, I’m not that fashionably challenged…  But it was perfect with a pair of yoga pants just lounging around the house.  Alas, it was 18 years old and getting threadbare, so it was finally time to say goodbye.

By the time I’d finished, I’d tossed 7 pairs of shoes, 52 shirts, 11 pairs of dress pants, 3 pairs of jeans, 4 bras, 5 pairs of shorts, 2 dresses, 3 skirts, 1 blazer, 1 business suit, 6 belts, 1 backpack, and countless pairs of socks.  Not too shabby.  Some was thrown away and the rest donated to the Salvation Army so it can move on to its next chapter in life cluttering up someone else’s closet!

When’s the last time you gave your closet an honest purge?  What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own?  And why are you hanging on to it?!

15 thoughts on “The Great Closet Purge of 2015

  1. Good for you for getting rid of so much stuff, and especially the sentimental stuff. It feels so good, right? I have to do this once a year. My closet just seems to fill up with crap (especially those ugly race shirts!).


    1. Right?! I’ll do it again in the fall to get rid of what I didn’t wear this summer.

      I kept a handful of the nicer race tech tees. A couple of them actually look good and fit right! Lol

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  2. Guilty! My closet is a hot mess. I recently used 64 race t-shirts to have a quilt made though. I’m guessing there is something in there that goes back to the late 90’s. Tell me, are your services for hire?


  3. That is sooooo awesome — much needed inspiration here!! I’ve been meaning to purge my closet for at least two years now. I have no idea what the oldest thing I own is because “out of sight, out of mind!”. I know it’s there though. I’m sentimental and always have “plans” for things. Ugh.


  4. Ahhhh I need to do this! The last time I purged my closet was 2 summers ago. You did good!! That Bush t shirt from 97 brought back high school memories for me!


  5. Nice purging! This inspires me to do the same. My general rule is that I have to get rid of something if I buy something new, and I recently got rid of some stuff when I put away my winter clothes. But those pieces with sentimental memories are the hardest to get rid of! You’ve inspired me to give them some tough love and say goodbye.


  6. Good for you! I’m constantly pulling stuff out of my closet and dumping into a Goodwill bag. (We pretty much always have a giveaway bag we’re filling up.) And STILL I have too many clothes! I guess I should stop buying new stuff… Hmmm, I don’t know about THAT! I also have a weakness for keeping race shirts. The tech T’s I actually wear, but the cotton ones just take up space. I should follow your good example and get rid of them.


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