My Running Favorites…Back When I WAS a Runner

Even though I’m not running right now, Holly at HoHo Runs tagged me to answer a few running related questions.  What a sadist.  “Oh, you’re still not running?  Let’s talk about the things you miss the most.”  Haha!

1 – Location:  Treadmill, road or trail?   Road.  Hands down  Always.  Road.  I’ve learned recently that the only thing worse than running on a treadmill is walking on a treadmill.  But honestly I can’t say anything bad about trail running because I’ve never done it.  I don’t have any near me.  I’d like to try it sometime.  Hey, look at that!  Another good reason to move to Colorado!

2 – Time:  Morning, noon, or evening?  Evening.  Most of my runs are done around 5:00, after I get off of work.  I’ve tried a few times to get up early and run before work to make up for a missed workout or something, and those runs always feel TERRIBLE!  Yes, I run in the mornings on the weekends, but that’s different because it doesn’t require an alarm clock.  I just run when I get up.

3 – Weather:  Sunshine, mild, hot?  None of the above!  I like it cold and overcast!  I’m not a warm weather girl at all!  But only when it comes to running–any other time I’m a sun-worshiper.

4 – Fuel:  Before, during, after?  I don’t give much thought to fueling for runs under 10 miles other than taking my Fuelbelt filled with Nuun if it’s hot out.  Runs over 10 miles get a Clif bar before, a gel or two (depending on how long I’m running) during, and a protein shake after for recovery.

5 – Accessories:  Music, watch, more?  Music.  Always music.  I HAVE to have music.  I positively cannot stand to listen to myself breathe.  And I’m a total data whore, so I always wear my Garmin too.  Always.

6 – Rewards:  Food, wine, or….?  Yes please!  All the things!  I definitely enjoy being able to fill that calorie deficit created by a long run with a little extra grub and vino.  🙂

7 – Type of run:  Long, tempo, intervals, easy, hills, progression?  I have two favorites here at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.  I love a nice easy run, but intervals are right up there with that for me.  I love that lungs burning, chest exploding, heart pounding feeling from a kick-ass intervals workout.

I think I was supposed to tag 7 people, but …. yeah, I just don’t do that.  Just tell me your running favorites in the comments!  It doesn’t have to just be these 7 things.  Tell me your favorite ANYTHING running related.  Come on.  Let me live vicariously through you.

4 thoughts on “My Running Favorites…Back When I WAS a Runner

  1. I LOVE trail running. I wish there were trails that were closer to me. The last place that I live was a lot closer so I could just jet our after work for some miles. It’s very relaxing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s tough as hell, but in an awesome way.


  2. You’re not going to be able to live vicariously through me because I am also not really running. But my favorite thing about running when I did run was… running! I miss it too.


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