Photo dump! Colorado Edition

We went to Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago for a little family vacation with my husband’s sister, her husband, and their daughter.  Their son lives there, and we all went out to visit him.  They’ve been trying to get us out there for a couple of years since he relocated there, but the timing has just never been right.  It all worked out this year, and I kinda hate myself for not going sooner!  I loved absolutely everything about it.  But rather than bore you with details, I’ll dazzle you with photos!

PIKE’S PEAK – We couldn’t get all the way to the top of Pike’s Peak the day we went.  From the bottom it’s like 19 or so miles to the top, but they had it blocked off at around mile 16 because they had just gotten a heavy snow and didn’t have it plowed.

3-30-2015 - Pam & Dewayne at Pike's Peak

3-30-2015 - Pike's Peak Panorama 2

3-30-2015 - Pike's Peak Scenery 7

3-30-2015 - Pike's Peak Scenery 15

3-30-2015 - Pike's Peak Scenery 17

3-30-2015 - Pike's Peak Scenery 19

GARDEN OF THE GODS – I’d like to go back and spend more time here and hike more of their beautiful trails.

3-31-2015 - Garden of the Gods - Dewayne & Pam 2

3-31-2015 - Garden of the Gods - Dewayne & Pam 5

3-31-2015 - Garden of the Gods Scenery 11

3-31-2015 - Pike's Peak as seen from Garden of the Gods

MOUNT CUTLER – We all (dogs included (not ours–our nephew and his girlfriend’s) drove to Mount Cutler to do another short hike.  It was short, but it was challenging because of my hip.  Going up was fine but coming back down the steep parts really hurt.  But the view was totally worth it!

4-1-2015 - Mount Cutler - Ellie & Isis

4-1-2015 - Mount Cutler - Marty 3

4-1-2015 - Mount Cutler panorama

COLORADO WOLF AND WILDLIFE CENTER – This was hands-down one of my favorite things we did while we were there.  This is an amazing facility offering refuge and sanctuary to these beautiful creatures.  It was very educational about the fur industry and the impact of wolf hunting and how it’s harming our ecosystem.  It was amazing to be standing so close to these animals.  And when they all started howling?  OMG.  Goosebumps.

4-2-2015 - Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center 5

4-2-2015 - Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center 16

4-2-2015 - Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center 17

THE MANITOU INCLINE – This “trail” is known for being one of the most extreme and difficult trails in Colorado.  It’s slightly less than a mile long, but in that mile you gain 2,000 feet.  It was brutal, but it was amazing.  It starts off at a fairly low grade, as you can see in the first picture from the bottom looking up.  But once you get about halfway, the incline grade increases dramatically–up to 60% at times.  We hiked up the incline but rather than go back the way we came, we hiked down a section of the Barr Trail.  This is a must-do for anyone visiting the area looking for a challenge!

4-3-2015 - Manitou Incline

4-3-2015 - Pam, Taylor & Justin at the top of The Incline
Me, my niece, and my nephew–the only one of our crew who were willing to tackle this hike!
4-3-2015 - The town as seen from The Incline
View from the top.
4-3-2015 - View from the top
View from close to the top, just after starting the descent down Barr Trail.

10 thoughts on “Photo dump! Colorado Edition

  1. Oh my these photos are amazing and gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to visit Colorado and especially Garden of the Gods. Thanks for sharing these pictures!!


  2. Awesome photos! Looks like an amazing trip! And the wolves are beautiful! I would enjoy visiting that place as well! We are passing through Colorado on the way home from Arizona next month and I’m trying to decide where would be the best place to stay and rest for the night before traveling the rest of the way home. This area is definitely something I’ll check out for a possibility!


  3. A great photo dump!! We really enjoyed our trip to CO a few years ago. We snow skied a few places and went to Royal Gorge during Spring Break. I went back last year and ran a half in the canyons outside Denver…my favorite race so far. The wolves are beautiful. I would really enjoy that. And I would have definitely hiked up Manitou.


  4. Man, Colorado is simply stunning! Thank you for sharing these photos! My sister and her husband were there last weekend and went to some of the same places! I’d love to do those hikes if I am ever there! I hope your hip is feeling better soon!


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