And the Verdict Is…

I’m normal.

My MRI showed a perfectly normal healthy hip.

There is no tear.  There is no fracture.  There is no impingement.  There is no arthritis.  There is no dysplasia.  And that’s all good news.  I guess.  Except if nothing is broken, how the hell do you fix it?

I start physical therapy next Monday.  He prescribed three times a week for four weeks, so we’ll see where that gets me.


22 days and counting.

11 thoughts on “And the Verdict Is…

  1. OK…I’m going out on a limb here to say this is good news! We all want quick fixes but HEY be grateful you didn’t have any of those things. Hopefully the PT people will know exactly what to do and fix you right up!


  2. Excellent news! Although I get ya that it’s baffling now to know where the pain is coming from?! Perhaps it’s something like a body imbalance or gait issue that PT will correct. Will hope you start getting relief soon!


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