At least I’m consistent.

Since I’m sidelined right now and can’t run, that gives me lots of time to THINK about running.  On February 22nd, I ran my 15th half marathon.  You’d think I’d be getting pretty good at it by now, right?  Well you’d be wrong.  haha  Let’s review, shall we?  I’ll leave out the handful that were outliers due to being run just for fun or in terrible conditions.

November 2009, my very first one, after only four months of running – 2:42:33
April 2010 – 2:29:15
October 2010 – 2:21:15
April 2011 – 2:15:28

So far, so good, right?

March 2012 – 2:14:21
March 2012 – 2:13:20
October 2012 – 2:07:24 (PR)

Yep.  Nailing it.  Consistent improvement.

And then…

March 2014 – 2:14:18
October 2014 – 2:21:35  (I knew I wasn’t in shape to be racing this one though)
December 2014 – 2:17:29
January 2015 – 2:13:19
February 2015 – 2:14:41

We won’t even count those first two because that was when I was really still new to this whole running thing.  But look at that.  2:13 – 2:17 is apparently my happy place.  So I guess that saying is true.  You know, the one about, “if you train like you’ve always trained, you’ll perform like you’ve always performed,” or some shit like that.  I obviously need to do something different because what I’m doing now isn’t making me any faster.  I really shouldn’t be surprised.  My training plan basically consists of “run fast sometimes, run slow sometimes, run for a long time sometimes.”  When I really stop to think about it, my races really do reflect my training.  At two of my last three half-marathons, I’ve bonked right around the 7-mile mark.  Well guess what.  My “fast” runs are usually at that pace and are always around 5 or 6 miles.  Seems like a no-brainer now that I realize what I’m doing.  If I’m not accustomed to ever running any faster than that, and never for more than 6 miles, OF COURSE I can’t carry it for 7 more miles.  But I know I can’t run 10-mile race-pace training runs either, so… I guess I really need to do some studying on where to go from here.  Obviously I need to run my fast runs faster, but what else?


I’m probably wasting my time, or at the very least getting way ahead of myself, even thinking about all this.  I haven’t run a step since 2/22 and I can’t see myself starting up again any time soon.  But I can tell you that when I do, things are going to be different.  I don’t know exactly how yet.  I may even enlist the help of a coach if I can find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg after I get a solid base built back up.  Like I said, I know I’m way ahead of myself, but a jacked up hip can’t stop a girl from dreaming.

5 thoughts on “At least I’m consistent.

  1. kilax

    Aww man, I am bummed to hear you are still going to be sidelined for awhile! A coach is a great idea, though! I bet you could find one you could afford! When I had an online coach in 2013, I found it super affordable!

    And I bet you are right with why you are bonking at your halves, but it’s not like you need to do your long runs at race pace, either. But definitely some tempos or speedwork, or something, near or faster than race pace, like you said. Don’t start off with that though when your hip heals! Gotta ease in to the torturous speedwork 🙂


  2. Well, I’m not the right person to give you advice, since my fastest half-marathon time is still slower than your slowest time. Meh. I’m really getting better, though, at accepting the fact that I’m 49 years old, I’ve only been doing this running thing for about 4 years, and so really, I think I’m doing pretty well and who the f&ck cares if I run slower than a turtle crawling through peanut butter? I’m still out there moving my a$$, so I gotta be happy with that. I’m still doing my speed workouts, though, tempo workouts and the hills (ugh….the hills) in hopes that by some miracle, I’ll end up a middle-of-the-packer rather than a back-of-the-packer for my future half- and full marathons! I admire that your goals are so much bigger than mine and you give me something to strive towards! 😀


    1. You’re exactly right! This is just about me being competitive with myself. It’s not so much about my finish time and how it compares to anything other than my last finish time. 🙂 It’s about IMPROVEMENT. And I’ve stopped improving! I’ve gotten stale, so I need to figure out how to get off of this plateau! 🙂

      Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2015 20:16:26 +0000 To:

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  3. I have no advice as I’m suffering from slower times too. What I was doing seemed to be working until last fall. After Saturday, I really want to concentrate on figuring out a better/smarter training plan. You’ve got lots of time…I’m older {sigh} and feel like my to sub 2 is slipping away. EEK! I hope you have a quick recovery!


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