I haz a puppeh

2-3-2015 - Penny 3

Okay, all together now… “Awwwwwwww!!!!!!!”  Guys, this is Penny.  Penny is a 10-week-old coonhound.  We’re fostering her for a while for a local rescue.  Penny doesn’t have a significant story, really.  She wasn’t abused.  She wasn’t starved.  She wasn’t injured or sick.  She was one thing… unwanted.  Her story is exactly the the same as millions of others across the country.  She was the product of irresponsible breeding, and her owner was camped out in the Tractor Supply parking lot giving her and her litter mates away for free just to get rid of them when they learned that they couldn’t sell them to make a quick buck.  Y’all, I despise a lot of people, and backyard breeders are right there at the top of that list.  They told me during our short conversation that they had sold the first five of the eight puppies for $200 apiece and couldn’t get rid of the last three.  *sigh*  I offered to take all three puppies, and he was agreeable to that until I made the mistake of telling them that I was with a rescue.  Backyard breeders HATE rescues.  They think we “cut into their profit.”  Seriously.  So when the “R” word came up, he balked and would only let me have one puppy.  Since I had to choose, I took the female so that I would at least know that she would be spayed and not contribute to our atrocious overpopulation.  See, that’s how it happens here.  People are irresponsible and don’t spay and neuter their pets; they give them away to people who are in the market for a free pet because they say they “can’t afford” shelter adoption fees; these people also “can’t afford” to spay and neuter those pets (or provide good food or other basic vet care, but I digress), so that one unwanted litter turns into dozens of unwanted litters and the problem grows exponentially.  (Oh, and these are the lucky pups that just go to irresponsible homes… the unlucky ones are scooped up as free bait for dogfighters or moving targets for practice.  Yeah, reality is harsh.)

But Penny is safe.  Penny is LOVED, she is WANTED, and she is SPOILED!  My dogs are teaching her how to be a dog, and we are teaching her how to be a GOOD dog.  haha.  I don’t know how long we’ll have her, but she has a place here with us for as long as she needs us until her forever family finds her.

11 thoughts on “I haz a puppeh

  1. I love that you foster and rescue 🙂 I get so frustrated with idiot backyard breeders. It took everything that I had not to go off on my cousin’s husband who go ttheir last dog from a backyard breeder. He said it took too long to get a dog from a rescue. I hate people some days.


    1. COME ON!!!! Yeah, it can take a while to do the vet references and home checks and stuff with some rescues, but DUDE, go to a shelter! Anybody can walk into our local AC with $50 and walk out with a dog. I’m positive if we got to spend more time together we’d be BFFs. lol

      Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 18:41:33 +0000 To: pamfrench@hotmail.com


    1. Girl I just don’t know! I have no idea how people can know how things are and still choose to breed and buy! And YAY! I’m glad you downloaded that app! I know it doesn’t make them much money, but pennies add up! I’ve been meaning to email you and ask you, too… how is the parking situation for the Mercedes race? If parking is a huge ordeal I’m gonna get a hotel within walking distance. If it’s not terrible, I’m gonna try to save some $ and stay a few minutes out of town.

      Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2015 18:53:33 +0000 To: pamfrench@hotmail.com


  2. Awww, this just makes me smile from ear to ear! You are such an angel and that puppy is so sweet! But seriously?!?! The guy would rather give the puppies to some strangers who may or may not take good care of the puppies as opposed to giving the rest to you, knowing that you’ll keep them safe and will find good homes for them. GRRRRR!! That makes me so mad!!! Some people are so unbelievably stupid and selfish!


  3. Awwwwww! I have fostered many kittens and cats, but never a dog or puppy. It’s so awesome that you took her in and are helping her. I saw a recent PBS special on dog breeding, and it said that in the US more than 5 MILLION dogs are given up to shelters annually. The show went on to say that a lot of the reason is that people get a dog based on looks only–and then breeders create designer breeds based on looks only–and the dog doesn’t fit that person’s lifestyle. It’s so sad. Having volunteered at a shelter and seen firsthand how sad it is, when we adopted a dog I researched personality/behavior in different breedsy and ended up with a dog that I would never have been attracted to based on looks–a retired racing greyhoud. He is actually a beautiful dog, but I never would have picked a greyhound based on looks. But his personality and lifestyle is a perfect match for us, so we’re all very happy.


    1. I love that you have a rescued greyhound! They deserve a wonderful retirement. 🙂 You’re so right about people adopting dogs on their looks. Follow any breed-specific rescue and you’ll see it in spades. St. Bernards surrendered for drooling, labs surrendered for chasing chickens… REALLY? These things were a SURPRISE to you????

      Date: Fri, 13 Feb 2015 14:40:36 +0000 To: pamfrench@hotmail.com


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