Imagine Vegan Cafe

I’m way behind on posting this, but while I was in Memphis for the St. Jude Marathon weekend, I was finally able to check out this awesome little restaurant that I’ve heard so much about.  It’s located in a cute little renovated home in the Cooper-Young neighborhood.  I loved the quaint, personal feel to the place.

2014-12-06 13.14.52

This was only the second time I’ve been to an all-vegan restaurant.  I’m so used to having to carefully read the menu and ask for modifications… it was so refreshing to have a whole menu full of stuff to order!

2014-12-06 12.25.03
This was printed on the front of the menu.  Sums it up!  An herbie’s dream come true!

After scouring the menu for a long time because EVERYTHING sounded amazing, I decided on the buffalo chicken sandwich.  Because if buffalo anything is an option, I’m almost always gonna take it.  It was reeeeeally, really tasty!  As was the slaw and ranch(? bleu cheese?) dip for the sammich.

2014-12-06 12.51.33

But my favorite part of the meal came as an impulse buy at the counter as I was paying when I left.  VEGAN. CHESS. BAR.

2014-12-06 13.17.01

Dear sweet baby Jesus, that thing was delicious.  And HUGE!  It took me all day to eat that thing, but by golly I did it.  haha I nibbled on it the entire drive home and polished it off after dinner that night.  Hey, don’t judge.  I’d run 13 miles.  I’d earned it.  I’m a little too far away for this to be a place I’d make a special trip back to, but it’s nice to know it’s there when I find myself back in that area!

8 thoughts on “Imagine Vegan Cafe

  1. YUMMY!!! I am happy you included food pics – I read this post in feedly on my phone this am and they didn’t show and I was sad! Ha ha!

    It’s so odd to go to place where you can order ANYTHING off the menu. It makes me feel overwhelmed! Ha ha!


  2. I’ve only ever been to one vegan restaurant and the food was just so-so. I was also on a tinder date so perhaps that dampened my mood. HAHA. But my fav eatery in all the world is Vegan Treats bakery back home in PA. I could die there. What is that chess bar up there?!? I’ve never heard of that!


    1. OH LAWD! Girl they are to die for. They are nothing but cream cheese, butter, eggs, and sugar so I didn’t know how good a vegan one would be. Tasted exactly the same. I had no idea they were a southern thing until I just Googled “chess squares” lol


  3. What an awesome discovery! We have a few all vegan restaurants here in Pittsburgh, but my husband is an omnivore so we never go to them. Usually we go to regular restaurants that have vegan options. The last time we went to an all vegan place was on vacation in Colorado & it was amazing! Like you, I thought the hardest part was picking out what to order. Even my omni husband really liked it.


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