Training Recap & PFTW

Monday:  Are you sitting down?  I. WENT. TO. THE. GYM.  It hurt oh-so-good while I was doing it.  Then oh-so-bad for four days afterward.  Seriously.  My abs were so jacked after class that I couldn’t even stand up straight until Friday.  And I bruised and rubbed blisters on my tailbone doing the situps.  I was a pretty sad sack this week.  haha  (Plus walked 0.75 mile with the dogs during my lunch break.)

2014-10-27 11.46.54

Tuesday:  The plan was 5 miles, and I had been looking forward to it all day.  It was cloudy and cool and absolutely perfect running weather at lunch when I packed my running bag.  I took clothes to work with me so I could change and run after I got off.  By the time quitting time rolled around I was beginning to rethink my tank and shorts I’d brought, but I went with it.  Then a mile into my 5, it started raining.  Not a hard rain but a steady one.  If it had been 5 degrees warmer, it probably would have been glorious, but  as it were I was a wee bit cold.  Even if I’d been running harder to get my blood pumping a little bit would have been nice, but it was an easy run day.  Gotta admit, it was hard to hold to that easy pace the last couple of miles.

Wednesday:  HELLLOOOOOOOO D.O.M.S.!!!!!!!  No running.  Walked 2 miles with dogs.  Before I took them out, I drove our favorite, most convenient walking route that we haven’t been able to use the past few weeks because of hornets.  I wanted to check out the nest to see if it was still active.  It was weather-worn and abandoned, so YAY we don’t have to drive to town to the park for every walk anymore!!!

Thursday:  Still miserably sore.  Hurt to breathe.  Still no running.  Walked 2 miles with dogs.

Friday:  Ahhhhhh, finally a little relief.  I was able to get out of bed without rolling over to my stomach and pushing myself up, so I was able to run.  I was itching to the point that I couldn’t wait until I got off work.  I took a long lunch and ran a quick 5 miles mid-day.  A great tempo run. It was awesome.  That’s the first time I’ve ever done that, and I think it just may be a new thing.  For the first time in … I can’t even remember how long, I didn’t have a case of the afternoon drops.  I ALWAYS get sleepy after lunch, but not that day.  Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Saturday:  Rode spin bike while I watched a couple of episodes of That ’70s Show on Netflix.  Man, I miss that show.

Sunday:  Long run of 10 miles.  It wasn’t the best.  I can’t be upset about the pace or anything.  It was 6 seconds per mile faster than the same route last Sunday, and I really felt pretty good while I was running it.  However, afterward… dude, I was DRAINED.  It was about the same temperature as last Sunday, but the big difference was last week was overcast and felt cooler whereas today was full sun.  I sweated a ton more.  I haven’t been wearing my heart rate monitor at all lately because I’ve just been going on feel, but I decided to wear it today just for giggles.  When I looked at the HR data, it was no wonder I felt zapped.  My average HR was 177 for those 10 miles.  But, y’all, I swear I didn’t feel like I was working that hard.  My HR is always way higher than the average person’s, even when I’m in great shape, but I really didn’t think it would be this high today seeing that I’ve been doing good about running my easy runs at an easy effort.  Maybe it was the full sun, maybe I was dehydrated… I don’t know, but something was up and my body was clearly working a lot harder than I thought it was.  I’ll be wearing my HR monitor for the next few runs to see if this was a fluke or if it’s still running that high on all my easy runs.  Anyway, after showering, drinking some Vega recovery accelerator  a protein shake, and quite a bit of water, then taking a short nap, I felt good as new and me and D took the dogs out for a 2-mile walk.

Totals:  1 strength day, 1 cross-train day, 20 miles run, and 6.75 miles walked.  Decent week!

Also worth mentioning, I tried a Huma gel for the first time during Sunday’s 10 miles.  I really, really liked it!  I’ll do a full review later.

Monday: Rest or easy cross-train
Tuesday: 5 easy
Wednesday: 5 x 400
Thursday: Strength
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: Strength or Spin
Sunday: 11

2 thoughts on “Training Recap & PFTW

  1. LOL at having DOMS for so long! Doing strength 2x this week will help your body get more used to it!

    That is so awesome your Friday run helped you power through the afternoon.

    I bet it was the sun yesterday! That is why I started taking electrolyte tabs. The sun was DRAINING me!


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