Food for Thought VII

I’m still working my way through some of the cookbooks and bookmarked web sites I already have (before I hopefully get a couple of new books from my wishlist for Christmas!).  These all came from web sites, so I’ve included links with all of them.  Good stuff here!
Vegan Sloppy Joes from Mouthwatering Vegan (full recipe in link!) – Again, this isn’t a new one, but it’s one of my favorites.  For me, sloppy joes are like chili–I never make them when it’s warm.  I don’t know why.  They just seem like a fall comfort food!  My favorite thing to use as a base for these is Ground TSP Beef from Cookin’ Crunk.  I’ve used frozen vegan crumbles before, but it just wasn’t the same.  Bianca’s ground TSP makes a PERFECTLY textured sloppy joe!
Stuffed Shells from Little House of Veggies Blog (full recipe in link!) – I want to print this recipe and start handing it out to everyone who sees tofu in my grocery buggy and says, “Soooooo…. what do you DO with it?”  I believe it would win anyone over!  I didn’t have any of the big shells on hand, so I used regular ol’ lasagna noodles and made rollups out of them instead.  Sometimes when I make something that’s REALLY good, I get a little sad that I don’t have anyone to share it with.  (D suffers from a severe case of vegophobia.)  This was one of those nights.  I halved the recipe, and it was enough for 8 roll-ups (four lasagna noodles broken in half).
The stuffing
The finished product

Chef Chloe’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese (full recipe in link!) – This was… okay.  That’s about all I can say about it.  I won’t make it again, but I didn’t throw it out.


Seitan gyros with cucumber sauce (full recipe in link!) – I used the gyro seitan roast recipe from The Gentle Chef to make these.  It was my first shot at a seitan roast, so I was just happy it didn’t explode in the oven as they are known to do when not done properly!  The gyro sandwiches were great, but I agree with my friend Shelly–they fall apart so easily and are much better as a salad!


I love my chiropractor.  Truly.  So very much.  I hadn’t been for an adjustment in several months until I went a little over a week ago, and I tell ya, it was like flipping a switch.  For several weeks I’d had a very weird feeling in my ribs. I felt like my rib cage was… twisted… or something.  When I’d lay on my back and put my hand across my upper abdomen like in the bread basket area, it was so obvious that one side was higher than the other, and laying on my right side was VERY uncomfortable.  It felt like my right ribs were just going to come up and overlap my left ones, and it felt like they were literally pushing the air out of my lungs.  I told D that I felt like my ribs were out of whack and he laughed at me, but I knew I wasn’t crazy!  When I told my chiro what I was feeling, he felt my ribs in my back and was like, “Yep, you’re not crazy.  You have three displaced ribs.”

Who knew that was even a thing?!

He twisted me up like a pretzel and put me in some positions I’m pretty sure I have never been in… certainly not with clothes on.  haha  Lots of snap, crackle, and popping later, I felt normal again!  I really need to get back into going for regular adjustments because this always happens.  After an adjustment I feel so much better.  I never realize how off kilter I am until I’m not anymore.  I always have an “Ooooooohhh yeeeeaah…. THIS is what it feels like to feel good!” moment afterwards.

How do you feel about chiropractors?  Love ’em?  Hate ’em?  Never been to one?  I swear by mine.  He’s saved my ass and got me out of severe pain more than once.  Funny enough, it’s never been back pain.  Thigh, knee, foot, and now rib.