Tuesday Tidbits

  • I have recently learned that the meaning behind the title of this blog isn’t clear.  haha  While in St. Louis, Kim asked me, “Who’s Herbie?”  To clear up any confusion, “herbie” is not a person!  It’s short for “herbivore.”  So I guess Herbie is a person, but that person is me!  Eater of plants!
  • Also while we were in St. Louis, at the expo the chocolate milk booth was taking pics and making gifs.  We posed for the pictures and Kim put her email address in to have them emailed to her, but then she never got them.  We had given up on receiving the email, but it finally came through a couple of days ago.  You can see it here.  I can’t stop laughing.  (Disclaimer:  I do not support the dairy industry!  I’m a herbie, remember?  haha)
  • Some of my newer readers may not know this, but my husband and I are business owners.  We own a collision repair shop.  As a side to that business, D also buys wrecked cars, repairs them, and flips them.  Corvettes are his niche.  When I say he’s a Corvette expert, I’m not exaggerating.  Surrounding Chevy dealerships and various people all over the country know him and call him when they can’t figure something out.  Anyway, this is his latest flip  It was delivered last Friday.  A PINK CORVETTE!  haha  I and a few others have told him he should leave it pink, but he says it’s not happening.2014-10-25 20.06.372014-10-25 20.06.53
  • Saturday was National Pit Bull Awareness Day!  The pups and I made a day of it and attended a big event in Nashville.  Full post on that coming soon.
  • I FINALLY went to the gym last night.  First time there in like four months.  And my first night back I hurt myself.  But in true Pam fashion, I have the stupidest “injury” ever.  I didn’t blow out a knee doing squats…I didn’t pull my back doing dead lifts… no.  Not this girl.  I rubbed giant blisters on my tailbone doing ab-mat sit-ups!!!  I know it sounds funny (okay, it IS funny), but guys, it HURTS!!!!

What do you think?  Repaint the car pink or change colors?  (It’s got to be repainted no matter what because whoever did the custom paint job did a shitty job.)

What’s your strangest “injury” you’ve ever had?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA, so you kind of have a butt blister? That shits funny.

    And your hub and mine would get along great. They could geek out over cars for hours. My Fella’s best friend has a ’79 vette that I am in love with!


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