Training Recap and PFTW

This week was super uneventful training-wise.  I didn’t really have a plan because I honestly didn’t know how badly my legs would rebel after last Sunday’s half-marathon.  Turns out it wasn’t that horrible.  My hammies and calves were pretty sore Monday.  I tried to walk some of the soreness out with the dogs at the park Monday afternoon, but then they were even worse Tuesday.  By Wednesday they felt almost fresh again.  I had planned to run a few easy miles Wednesday night but then, UGH… work.  I just walked again with the pups.  I ran an easy 5 miles Thursday and again Friday, took Saturday as a rest day because I had other all-day out-of-town plans, and then 10 Sunday for a total of 20 miles run and 3.75 miles walked.

This week I’m gonna try to switch things around a bit.  I’m getting most of my miles in, but I am seriously not happy with the shitty job I’ve done about getting in strength and cross-training.  That has GOT to change.  So here’s my attempt to change that.

Monday:  Strength.  Just suck it the fuck up and do it.  Mondays suck for everyone.  Get over it and get to the gym.  The beer will still be cold when you get home.
Tuesday: 5 easy
Wednesday: 5 x 400 + strength
Thursday: Rest
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: Strength if I can get into the 8:00 class that morning, spin if I can’t.
Sunday: 10 miles

So there’s the new plan!  We shall see how it goes!

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