Three Things Thursday

1.   So I’m still in the process of shifting everything over to WordPress.  I’m learning as I go!  I know lots of y’all have done this before, so if you have any tips or see anything I haven’t done, please help a girl out!

2.   I feel like such an adult.  Until not long ago, my kitchen tools and small appliances looked like they were bought by a broke college student.  Because… well, they WERE bought by a broke college student!  In the last year, as some of the cheap junk has played out and broken, I’ve replaced them with nicer things.  My latest addition is this awesome blender.  I’ve wanted a Vitamix for a long time, but I just couldn’t force myself to drop that kind of dough on a blender.  This one was about 1/3 of the price and had great reviews . It gets two big fat thumbs up from me.  It’s been a real treat not having to chew my smoothies.  My only complaint about the Ninja Ultima is that it’s too tall to fit under the cabinets.  A small inconvenience.

I'm excited about buying a fucking blender.  Yep.  It's official.  I'm old as shit.
I’m excited about buying a fucking blender. Yep. It’s official. I’m old as shit.

3.   I went to the dermatologist yesterday because over the past few months I’ve had two spots come up right on my ass cheek that I wanted checked out.  They were small and hadn’t really gotten any bigger, but they seemed to be getting darker, which was worrisome.  Turns out they were nothing.  They were seborrheic keratoses… completely benign.  He said they didn’t need anything done to them unless I just wanted them gone, so I had him freeze them off, just because they’re ugly.  The worst part was that during the conversation with the doc, he said something along the lines of, “yeah, people just get these as they get older.”  Get older.  And in case you didn’t click on that link up there, the American Academy of Dermatology even says they often appear in “middle-aged or older adults.”  Nice.  “Congratulations on hitting your mid-30s!  Here, have a barnacle on your ass!”

One thought on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Is it bad that this post made me laugh my ass off?

    Also, I need a new blender badly. The one I have is from my college days and it is on its last legs. I’m thinking maybe one of the magic bullet things. Would be kind of nice to be able to make a simple single serving…


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