Reliving Old Memories

I was a band geek in school.  And I’ve found out over the years… once a band geek, ALWAYS a band geek.  It NEVER leaves.  The sound of brass and snare drums still makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up.  So I was super excited when my youngest niece tried out for and made the high school flag corps this year.

This weekend they hosted a marching invitational, so I spent six hours of my Saturday in the bleachers of our high school stadium watching bands from all over perform.  Gah, y’all, it brought back SO. MANY. MEMORIES.  Just watching those kids… their excitement, their passion…  I miss that.  So much.  And it blows my mind to think that it was HALF MY LIFE ago that I was there.  It seems like no time has passed.  I was already feeling super nostalgic just from being there, but then when my alma mater took the field and yelled “DC!” on their initial horns-up, just as we did 17 years ago (Jesus, I can’t believe it’s been that long), it was all I could do to not go get in formation with them.  haha

Their show was great, featuring music from the musical Chicago.  But my FAVORITE show of the night was done by a neighboring county…a ZOMBIE THEME!  Y’all, between my four years and then my sister’s four years (plus college), I’ve seen lots of field shows.  This had to be my absolute favorite one I’ve ever seen.  The show starting with the emergency alert over the PA, the zombie face paint, the bloodied-up uniforms, the flag corps in hazmat suits with their biohazard flags…they NAILED IT.

Off topic for a second… when a bee demands you hand over the last of your italian ice, you don’t argue.  You just do it.

Since our school was the host of the competition, our band didn’t compete but still performed in exhibition.  I was so excited to watch my niece out there.  She’s so GOOD!  And I wouldn’t say that just because I’m her aunt.  haha  I’ve got too many years of critiquing marching bands under my belt to give a biased opinion when it comes to that.  I tried to get pictures, but she was in the backfield for the whole show.  I zoomed in as tight as I could go, but they were blurry beyond recognition.  Bah.  The only decent one I got was of them taking formation, and she’s not even in this one.

That’s okay, I’ll have plenty of other opportunities!  Between ballgames every Friday and competitions every Saturday until the end of October, I’ll be seeing plenty more of her.

Do you have any childhood passions that have spilled over to adulthood?  Are they still a part of your life?

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