Training Recap & PFTW

After basically sitting out for about 4 weeks with all that was going on with D’s mom’s illness and passing, the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying to get back at it and into a training routine.  Since I’d lost so much fitness (and gained so much weight) in those weeks, I decided just to scrap the plan I had started and start fresh.

This was my second week in the new plan, and it should have looked like this:

Monday:  Strength
Tuesday:  4 easy
Wednesday:  3 x 400 plus strength (yeah, I’m starting the speed thing from scratch here)
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  3 tempo
Saturday:  Rest or easy XT
Sunday:  6 miles
Total:  15.5 miles

Here’s what it ACTUALLY looked like:

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  1.5 miles walked with dogs
Thursday:  3 tempo
Friday:  4 easy
Saturday:  3 x 400 plus strength
Sunday:  6 miles + 1.5 miles walked with dogs
Total:  15.5 miles run, 3 miles walked

You see, Fall fell in West TN on Thursday.  And when you’re sitting here on Monday when it’s 90 degrees, looking at a forecast with highs in the 70s starting Thursday, it’s REALLY FUCKING HARD to get motivated to do anything until then.  So I end-loaded all my runs into the last part of the week, plus I got in a little bit of strength (which really wasn’t anything more than some push-ups, some ab work, and some squats, but hey it made me sore, so it counts).

Next week isn’t much different at all.  I’ll just be adding one more 400 at the track.  Everything else is the same.  I’m gonna try to get in a REAL strength workout or two this week though!  I haven’t been to the gym since… gah, it has to be two months or better.  I’ve got 11 more Crossfit sessions prepaid, so I really should make use of them!

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