Three Things Thursday – Fall Arrival Edition

Three reasons I’m ecstatic to see fall arrive!

1.   Hopefully this week will be the last time I end a run looking like this for a while.  Yes, I stand outside and towel off and drip dry before I walk in the house…

2.   Fall Brews!!!!  (More on this later)

3.   Goodbye, bugs!!!  We’ve battled mosquitos and ticks and gnats (OMG THE FUCKING GNATS!) all summer long but things hit a new level last night when the dogs and I came up on a freaking hornets’ nest while walking last night!  First one I’ve ever seen!  haha  We walked away as quickly and quietly as possible, then I drove back to it to take this picture from the safety of inside my truck.

Picture doesn’t do size justice.  This thing was at least a foot and a half tall!

5 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Fall Arrival Edition

  1. During my lunch time run I wore a shirt (instead of a tank) and had goosebumps. What?! Awesomeness. Are you still carrying when you go w/o a shirt?

    OMG the gnats in our house. I have killed 30 of them this week. Little fuckers!!!


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