Training and Body Comp Check-In (a "WTF?!?!" moment)

I was feeling pretty good about things this week.  After having a bad week last week (that still resulted in fat loss anyway), I got back on track this week with some good workouts and a clean diet.  Too fucking bad my scales didn’t get the memo.

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 3 mile run + Crossfit

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 4 mile run

Friday – Crossfit

Saturday – Walked 3 miles with dogs (1 with Bella, 2 with Harley).  This was supposed to be a run, but I was CRAZY sore from the 25-pound kettle bell front squats the night before.

Sunday – 6 mile run + 2 mile walk with dogs

Weight – 134.8 (UP 0.9 from last week)
Body fat – 26.4% (UP 0.3% from last week)
BMI – 23 (UP 0.2 from last week)

I’m so fucking disgusted right now.  Shit just got real.  No rest for the fluffy…

6 thoughts on “Training and Body Comp Check-In (a "WTF?!?!" moment)

  1. How do you measure your body fat?
    When I was losing (yeah, a few months ago, now I can't seem to get the scale to go down) it was never consistent, which I expected. Up two pounds, down 3… hang in there. You are doing lots of the right things!


  2. Don't be so harsh. Bodies do what they want and shit. It takes time, sometimes, for things to catch up with your activity and whatever.

    You can't judge things on one weekly weigh in, is what I'm saying.


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