Chasing Numbers

It seems like I’m always chasing numbers of some sort.  Miles in a month, miles in a year, minutes in a mile, number of reps, numbers on a scale… well, I’ve added a new one to replace that last one.  Well, maybe not replace, but more like modify.  The numbers will still be on the scale, but just a different unit of measure.  I’m not looking at the pounds anymore.  Okay, maybe peeking, but not obsessing over.  I bought a new scale Monday.  One that shows body fat percentage and BMI.  THAT’S what I’ll be looking at from now on.

Today, right now, this minute, my starting point is 26.8 with a BMI of 23.3 (at a weight of 136.5–there, I said it.)  Depending on what chart you look at, you’ll see words like normal, ideal, or fit.  Yes, I consider myself all those things, but I want to move down one category.  Most charts seem to be calling that category the same thing:  athletic.  YES!  That’s what I want to be!  No longer do I want to be X number of pounds.  I want to be ATHLETIC.  Because an ATHLETIC person HAS to run faster than a NORMAL person, right?!?!

6 thoughts on “Chasing Numbers

  1. Wow! You have a really good BMI! LOL, I consider myself athletic though and I am squarely in the obese BMI category… oops, guess I shouldn't?! I am not fast by any means 😉


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