The Ever-Evolving Running Plans

Welp, I didn’t run the Murray Half Saturday.  For several months I had it pegged as my “A” race for this year, but the plans just didn’t come together.  Things just kept interfering with my weekend long runs, and I haven’t run more than 8 miles since the Little Rock Half last month.  A couple of weeks ago I was already struggling with the decision of whether or not to even run it, and then my clerk at work asked for a vacation day, so that was the nail in the proverbial coffin.  I COULD have pulled rank on her, but it was for her in-laws 60th wedding anniversary party.  I might be a bitch, but I’m not THAT big of a bitch!  Ha!  And I COULD have had another co-worker from another office come fill in for me, but I didn’t see the point of inconveniencing anyone else when I already knew I wasn’t “A” race ready anyway.  There was nothing lost as I hadn’t even registered yet.  It’s small, so I was putting registration off until the expo just in case something like this happened.  I hate losing out on race registrations!

So!  Where does that leave me?  Right now the only thing I’m looking at this spring is MAYBE a 10K next month.  I probably won’t decide on that one until race day, or at least race week.  Tennessee weather in May is fickle as fuck.  It might be 40 degrees that morning, and it might be 80 with matching humidity and a chance of scattered tornadoes.

Since my next planned long-distance race isn’t until October (RnR St. Louis), I’m going to be using the downtime to really try to focus on overall fitness, gaining strength and losing fat to become a stronger, lighter, faster runner.  I know I’m not FAT fat, but trust me, there are a few pounds of fluff hanging around in places I’d prefer they weren’t hanging around.  My plan of attack is strength training and low heart rate running, and backing off the sugar.  Yes, that means (*gulp*) wine and beer.  Except during vacation next month.  Screw that.  I plan to get my money’s worth out of that hefty all-inclusive fee!  If I put a couple of pounds back on that week, the way I see it I paid damn good money for them, so I will wear them proudly until I can lose them again.

Do you have a training plan that you swear by for increased speed?  What is it?  Heart rate training?  Speed work?  Tell me your success story!

4 thoughts on “The Ever-Evolving Running Plans

  1. I've done Run Less Run Faster, and liked it – but it was hard on me. It certainly worked.

    What REALLY helps, is strength training. I do one legs day, 2-4 upper body and core. I've kept my mileage pretty low (like, under 15 miles/week), but my paces are the same, maybe a little faster.


  2. Sucks you had to miss the race, but at least you weren't really feeling it anyway. And yes, May in TN is fickle as fuck. Haha. I remember freezing our asses off during the Beale St Music Fest last year when it had been in the 80s the week before. I can't wait for the very dependably hot summer. I actually love it when its 90-something out!


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