Dogs Need Cake Too

Tuesday was Bella’s 5th birthday.  Well, at least our best guess at it.  When we adopted her the vet guessed her to be 10-12 weeks old, so we counted backwards 11 weeks and picked a date to call her birthday.  It just so happened that a friend was out of town for spring break, and since our dogs are BFFs I am dog-sitting for her this week too, so Bella even had a special guest for her birthday!

Flour + peanut butter + baking soda + egg + oil + honey + carrots = doggy crack

They KNEW it was for them.  Gnash is telling me about it.

The birthday girl.


Peanut butter “icing”

Crumb catcher

“HURRY UP!!!!”

No, we didn’t exclude Harley… he snatched his up and ran into the living room with it!

Man, I love these damn dogs.

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