Three Things Thursday – Snowstorms, CrossFit, and Wicked

1.     Twice this year we’ve been predicted to get about six inches of snow.  Both times they were wrong to the tune of approximately six inches.  We got our biggest snowstorm of the season this week.  See those three snowflakes on the shoulder of the road?

Tennessee Snowstorm

2.     I’ve always known I need to be doing some type of strength training in addition to running if I really want to see improvements and lose some fluff.  The thing is… I HATE STRENGTH TRAINING.   I’d rather run 10 miles than do 10 push-ups.  Because I hate it so much and because I don’t have anyone crawling up my ass to make me do it, I usually just don’t do it.  But now I’ve decided I hate being fluffy worse than I hate strength training, so I’ve joined a CrossFit gym.  The first month is what they call the “on-ramp” where they teach you proper technique and shit.  It’s mandatory before they let you join their regular classes.  The first class was Monday.  It was very elementary.  They really only showed us some equipment and went over some of the stuff they do as a warmup.  I missed the second class Tuesday night because the road the gym is on was closed due to flooding.  The third class will be tonight.

3.     My mother and sister and I went to Memphis to see Wicked on Sunday.  I’ve seen it once before, but it was just as good the second time around!

Another excuse to get dressed up!  I’m enjoying this!

4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday – Snowstorms, CrossFit, and Wicked

  1. The universe is complaining about the snow, and it's getting to the point where I am complaining about the complainers. It's making me effing stabby. SO I think that makes me just as bad, lol.

    I still have yet to see Wicked…my husband is not so much of a theater guy… 😦 But you look WAY cute!


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