Let’s Talk About Running…

I didn’t do much running in 2013.  Some.  But not much.  I ended out the year with a little over 400 miles.  I had planned to cut the mileage back during the spring and then ratchet it back up in time for a fall half, but that just never happened.  I didn’t race all year.  Well, unless you count a turkey trot that I did on Thanksgiving Day.  I knew I wasn’t in 5K shape, but I did it anyway just for fun and hoping that all the other 30-34 women would be home cooking.  haha  They, in fact, were not.  Turns out I was in 4th-place shape.

So I started increasing the mileage a couple of months ago with plans of running the Little Rock Half the first weekend of March.  And things are going…. meh.  My short runs are going pretty well.  I’m holding a decent tempo pace in the low 9:00s, but when it comes to my long runs I’m really sucking hard.  I think I’m just not where I need to be fitness-wise to run those miles yet.  So I’m revamping my plan for the spring, slowing down my mileage buildup.  I’ll stick with my plan to run Little Rock because I’ve already registered, I have a free place to stay (with my mom’s BFF who lives just outside Little Rock) and because the medal is effing awesome.

It’ll just be a super fun training run for what has become my new “A” race, the Murray Half Marathon on April 12th (and most likely another local half in between the two just for giggles).  I was really hoping to pull a PR out of my ass this spring, but unless things drastically turn around, that most definitely won’t be happening.  It just may have to wait until St. Louis this fall!

What are your upcoming racing plans?  Got your 2014 racing schedule all planned out yet?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Running…

  1. I barely ran in 2013 as well… It sucks trying to get back to where I used to be right now :p It is awesome that you have a race lined up! I am doing Ragnar at the end of next month but I am one of the pansies doing the short legs lol


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