Fresh Meat

I’m looking for fresh meat.  Not literally.  Ew.  I’m a veg-head, remember?  haha  I’m looking for fresh blogger “meat”.  When I came back I really pared down my reading list.  Some of the blogs cut were ones that hadn’t posted since before I took a blogging break, some were blogs that had gotten too big for their britches and I couldn’t tell if I was reading a blog or an advertisement, and others just plain ol’ didn’t interest me anymore.  I even cut out a couple that I used to only hate-read.  haha  You know the ones… like bad reality TV shows.  The ones that are total train wrecks but you can’t pull yourself away and you only watch it because you hate it and you HAVE to watch it so you can judge and make fun of it?  Yes, those!  The same thing can totally apply to blogs.

Anyway, most of the blogs I used to really follow are gone, so where are all the cool kids hanging out these days???  Are there any good new bloggers out there that you’re following?  Are YOU a new blogger?  Link it up!!!

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