I’ve always taken things by spurts.  I’ll go through phases where I’m totally into something, and then in the blink of an eye I’ve completely lost interest.

I’ll go weeks on end painting and repainting my nails a different color every other day, then I’ll go months without doing it once.

A couple of years ago I spent no telling how many hours a week with Rosetta Stone because I wanted to learn to speak Spanish.  I got pretty good at it, we went to Cabo, and I haven’t opened the program since.

I’ll go from never watching TV to watching an entire series in a weekend.

This trait is also probably why I ran 1,000 miles in 2012 and a little over 400 in 2013.

My latest infatuation is jewelry.  I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry.  That’s really unfortunate because I’ve got some really nice pieces!  I never wear jewelry to work for the same reason I don’t wear nice clothes to work–I don’t want to ruin anything!  I don’t even wear my wedding set to work.  I replaced it with a plain tungsten band for fear of losing a diamond.  Until a couple of weeks ago, I don’t even remember last time I had a pair of earrings in, and now all of a sudden here I am in the throes of a new jewelry obsession.  All it took was a friend posting a link to Facebook of some new things in her Etsy shop and another friend sending me a Lia Sophia catalog and POOF I’m a jewelry whore.  Apparently I’m highly vulnerable to the power of suggestion.  I’m every marketer’s target customer.  haha  I have a couple of things that should be coming in the mail any day now, a few things on my eBay watch list, and a wish list a mile long that I have to work on trimming down before the Lia Sophia party.

Do you ever find yourself doing this?  Are you all in or all out with hobbies or interests?

4 thoughts on “Phases

  1. Yes, totally delve into shows on Netflix (usually over the holidays). That's how I got caught up on Lost, then last year it was Breaking Bad. House of Cards is pretty good too, but, sadly, there is only 1 season.
    You must post photos of your fancy new jewelry!!


  2. I can't wait to see all your new jewelry! While I don't wear mine all the time, it's something I always appreciate 🙂

    I am like that too, super passionate then lose interest. Let's just tell ourselves we need change. We can't stay static 😉


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