Bullets? Again? Really??? Yup.

Since I last posted, I feel like I have been going nonstop, but now that I’m sitting here trying to think about what I’ve done… I can’t really think of anything!  How can a person be so busy with nothing to show for it???  So to sum up …

  • I ran 35 miles in February.  That’s my lowest monthly mileage since September of 2011.
  • Meanwhile, I gained 4 pounds.  Funny how that happens when you cut your mileage back but keep eating like you’re still running 100+ miles a month.  No worries.  I’m on top of it now.  One pound gone already.  Only two more months till I have to be swimsuit ready!
  • I mentioned last month that I’m letting my hair grow out.  Now that it’s a little longer, I’ve been doing something I didn’t think I would EVER do… I’m embracing my natural curl.  I haven’t worn my hair curly in public in over a decade, and even then it was under a cap, so this is something totally new for me!
Just in case you ever wondered what I look like with no makeup on…Focus on the hair, people, the hair.
  • I’ve bought a couple new cookbooks recently and have been enjoying playing with new recipes!  (Quite possibly a correlation with # Bullet 2.)

  • I’ve been working my ass off lately, six days a week, long hours most of those days.  The worst part about it is that it has just put me so far behind at home.  My house is an absolute disaster.  Well, at least it was until this weekend.  D was gone all weekend, so I put a good dent in it at least.  Sunday I did like 5 loads of laundry, swept out the garage, dusted, did counter tops, cleaned a couple of light fixtures, cleaned the most-used bathroom, hauled off a shit ton of recycling, and vacuumed.  Twice.  Because my dog does stuff like this.
“What do you mean you just vacuumed?”
  • I had time to do these things because D was busy doing this:
He is rebuilding an H2 for himself, a new big brother for my H3!

  • I am BEYOND excited for the time to change back this weekend!  Screw the hour of lost sleep.  I need more daylight!!!!

8 thoughts on “Bullets? Again? Really??? Yup.

  1. I'm ready for more daylight too! I'm hoping that kicks my winter blues to the side. I've been doing a lot of eating and not a lot of running which overall has been killing my mood. My dogs love to roll around in stuff and then come back into the house too!


  2. I love the natural curl! My hair is like that too. I should try your length. I like it! 🙂

    Didn't it feel amazing to get all that done Sunday?! Ahh, I have no excuse to have my house look the way it does.

    I am not sure how I feel about longer days. But I will like it darker in the am for awhile. 🙂


  3. I had no idea you had curly hair! All this time! I do too and, yeah, no way I'm motivated enough to fight it. It looks good!

    Also – I hear ya on the eating like you're training for a marathon when you're not. So me these days.


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