I originally titled this post “Rut,” but then I decided that really wasn’t accurate.  I’m not really in a rut at all.  Everything is going just fine.  Things are just… quiet.  Since all of the CRAZY of the holiday season is over, it just seems a little odd, I guess.  For the first time since like October, my days aren’t packed from well before sun-up to well after sun-down.  Things are still going on, but nothing terrible or terribly exciting.  Mundane, really.  And you know what?  I welcome it.

  • I’m still running, though not as much.  I’m kinda struggling with a little bit of burnout here, so I’ve cut back some to keep from completely losing that loving feeling for it.
  • Bella has recovered fabulously from her ACL surgery and has been released to her normal dogly activities now!
  • We’re still in the process of trying to buy the business.  It’s not going nearly as smoothly as we’d hoped, thanks to the current owner and his horrendous bookkeeping and financial management abilities.  (Okay, let’s call it what it is–tax fraud.)  But we are not giving up.  We’ve exhausted one avenue, but we are actively exploring others.  We haven’t lost hope yet.  It’s just gonna be a little more difficult and more expensive now but not so much so that it isn’t worth it.  We’ve had a figure in our head from the get-go of how much we would be willing to give for the business, and as long as we can stay under that we’ll continue to pursue it.  
  • Our new living room furniture will be delivered next Monday.

So, you see?  Things are still clicking along, and in the right direction for the most part, however unexcitingly.

How do you guys deal with the quiet times?  Do you wallow in the peace, or do you find yourself getting bored?

One thought on “Lull

  1. It still sounds like you have some exciting things going on in your “quiet” time! Especially pursuing buying options for the business!

    Quiet time shocks me too, and I find myself reading more (blogs and books). I welcome it 😉


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