Hands Down the Most Fun Personal Worst EVER

This past weekend, the hubs and I met Michele and her hubs and kiddo in Sevierville, TN, and she and I ran the Santa Hustle Smokies Half Marathon.  When we signed up for it, we knew it was TOTALLY for fun because, HELLO, I just ran a marathon the weekend before!  Well, when we decided on this “just for fun” race, Michele took that and ran with it.  Which resulted in this:

Thaaaat’s right.  That’s me in a tutu.  Yuk it up.

We saw some cute outfits in the starting area (which was literally right in the parking lot of our resort, by the way), but I think this was probably the best.

Thanks, random chick, for letting me take a picture of you and your offspring.

And then it got even funnier when a guy dressed up as The Grinch started acting like he was stealing the kid in the middle up there dressed up as a present.

Before long, it was time to head to the start.  Michele’s race crew was there to see us off, (true to form, mine stayed in bed) and snapped a few photos.

I didn’t even realize it was time to start until the crowd started moving forward.  We got in no hurry on the course whatsoever.  We ran when I could, walked when I couldn’t.  (Dude, my legs were still like 400 pounds each 8 days post-marathon.)  We chatted, we ate cookies, we stopped to take pictures…it was 2:44:45 of awesome.

Aid station fuel
Screw Gu.  We have Oreos.
Michele with her beloved Oreos.  They still had a gazillion left at the mile 12 aid station. The volunteer told us to take a tray with us.  It was EXTREMELY tempting.

Michele’s family was there to meet us at the finish line (yep, my husband’s ass was still in bed) and caught my most favoritest picture ever.

Can’t see it?  Zoom in.

Yep, that picture pretty much sums it up.

With an elf handing out candy canes as you cross the finish line!

I find it hilarious that my 10th half marathon was my slowest, but I would not have changed a single thing about this!

11 thoughts on “Hands Down the Most Fun Personal Worst EVER

  1. Yay! What fun! I love doing races with friends for fun and not worrying about time and just taking it in… love that you two did it together. I still think you should've taken the oreos though!!!

    Love the medal! And good idea to wear the tutus so Michele's family (not your husband, lol) could find you!


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