Runner Down

It’s confession time.  I haven’t run a step since Sunday.  I can’t even walk a pain-free step.  I did something to my right thigh during RnR St. Louis.  I don’t know what or when, but I first mentioned it at brunch a couple of hours after the race.  I just remember mentioning, “Man, I think I strained my quad.”  Well, it only got worse as the day went on.  I’ve been RICEing like a good little runner, but yesterday, three days post race, it was at its worst.  I’ve been trying to do things to figure out if it’s muscular or skeletal, and I really think it’s muscular, but hell I’m no doctor.  I’m being smart, though, and resting.  I’m not trying to run through any pain.  But really, it’s not like I COULD run through that kind of pain.

I have an appointment with my sports doc next Wednesday afternoon, and I’ve decided I want to try a more nontraditional approach as well.  I have an appointment for a consult with an acupuncturist tomorrow with a treatment to immediately follow if she feels it’s something she can help me with.  I’ve never been to an acupuncturist before, but I’ve heard amazing success stories.  I hope I can be one of them.  I have this little marathon thing coming up in…. oooooohhhhh…. 36 days.

8 thoughts on “Runner Down

  1. So sorry you are hurt! That sounds painful. I love acupuncture. My first line of defense is always to see my acupuncturist and my massage therapist. Between them, I can usually get everything fixed up. Good luck with it!


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