Race Report: Run Baby Run 5K

Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve tried to run fast?  A long damn time.  April 10th, to be exact, was my last logged track workout.  But I signed up for a 5k today anyway.  It was for the March of Dimes (aka “tax deductible”), it was local, and an acquaintance was the race director.  All good reasons to go out and support it.

My official 5k PR was really outdated–27:51 from March of 2011–but since my training has been all about the long, slow miles lately, I just didn’t know if I had it in me to beat it.

My race plan:   Run fast until you can’t run fast anymore.

The weather was pretty good, although not exactly ideal for me.

With 100% humidity, at least if you get thirsty all you have to do is breathe.

I didn’t really know where to line myself up at in the field of 52 people.  (Hey, it’s a small town!  That’s a good turnout!)  I planted myself squarely in the middle–behind the high school boys and in front of the couple with the stroller and a dog.

I knew ahead of time where the race was starting, but I didn’t know what direction is was going to go from there.  Turns out, it was on streets that I run regularly.  I guess that paid off for me because I picked several people off on the first long incline.  That was a confidence boost.  I’m not the girl that passes people.  I’m the girl that gets passed.  But not one single person passed me in this race.

Mile 1 was 8:35.  Fast for me, but today it felt sustainable, so I rolled with it.

Mile 2 came in at exactly 8:35 again.  I wondered if I could hang on.

During mile 3 I felt myself slipping.  I looked down once and saw a 9 as the first number of my pace and thought, “Aw, HELL, naw,” and picked it back up.  It was during this mile that I caught up with my buddy, the Sheriff.  I passed him (and MAY have made a remark about that fact), but he caught back up to me and we hung together.  Mile 3 came in at 8:47.

The last tenth, Sheriff asked if I had anything left for a kick.  I told him I was DONE, but we picked it up a little bit for an 8:13 average on the last little stretch.

Final official results:

Official time:  26:45  (I always forget to stop my watch immediately when I finish!)
Official pace:  8:37
Field placement:  12/52
Age group placement 2/at least 3

Love those small age groups!!

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