St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 10

Planned                                           Actual
Monday:  Rest                                 Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  4                                      Tuesday:  8 @ 10:15
Wednesday:  8                                 Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  4                                     Thursday:  3.4 miles naked with dogs
Friday:  Rest                                     Friday:  2.6 @ 10:47
Saturday:  17                                    Saturday:  2 @ 10:53
Sunday:  Cross-train                        Sunday:  17 miles @ 11:08 + a bonus 0.5 miles
Total:  33 miles                                 Total:  33.5 miles

Tuesday evening when I started my run, I wasn’t sure how far I was going to go.  The plan called for 4, but I knew that Tuesday was going to be the easiest day for me to get my 8 in.  I just wasn’t sure if my legs would be down with that since I had just run 8.5 on Friday and 12 on Sunday.  I figured I’d just play it by ear and took off.  I ran the first mile as a warm-up and knew immediately I’d be going for 8.  I felt pretty damn great.  I kind of treated it as a fartlek.  (hehehe)  I’d run fast for one song, slow for one song, fast one song, slow one song.  It was fun!  It made it FLY by.  I definitely could have kept going for a good while.  It makes me happy that I’m putting in the mileage I’m putting in and still have fresh legs.  I NEVER would have thought it.

Thursday’s run was all about clearing my head.  I didn’t even wear my Garmin.  The last thing I wanted to see Thursday was more numbers.  I had been looking at spreadsheets and numbers all day long.  I only know how far we went because I know from my neighbor’s driveway to the end of the road is 0.85 miles and we did that twice, there and back.

Friday after I got off work I went to look at a treadmill I had seen on Craigslist that I thought may be a pretty good deal.  For the price I wasn’t expecting much.  The model had good reviews, but I didn’t know what kind of shape it may be in.  I didn’t go out there with plans of bringing it home, but when I saw it I was really surprised.  I played with it there at their house for a few minutes and left to go get some cash and my husband with his truck.  I goofed around on it for 2.6 miles Friday night, just tinkering with all the settings and whatnot.  I still can’t believe I bought a damn treadmill.  I hate those damn things.  I hate it so much that I got up and played with it for 2 more miles on Saturday morning before I went to work.

I was kind of nervous about Sunday’s long run of 17 miles.  During training for my first (and only other) marathon, it was during the 16-miler that my knee first started bothering me.  I was worried that history would repeat itself.  I left the house with two sticks of Clif Shot Bloks and 32 oz of Nuun around my waist.  It was a chilly, cloudy 45 degrees when I started.  I was downright COLD in my shorts and tee for the first couple of miles.  I LOVED IT!  I’ve been waiting all summer to say “BRRR!” on a run!  I planned to walk and fuel at miles 4, 8, 11, and 14, and I stuck to the plan like glue.  And once again it worked like a charm.  The run is what everyone hopes for a long run to be–uneventful.  Sooooooooo much better than last week’s hungover sorry excuse for a long run.

When I got home, I went through my typical post-run routine of drinking a Vega recovery accelerator and  protein shake while I sat out on the back deck watching the dogs play in the backyard.  I returned a phone call I missed while I was out running, and while I was on the phone I grabbed my laptop to log my long run.  After I did, I noticed that 17 miles put me at 699.5 miles for the year.  That number gnawed at me a little bit, but I let it be… until I saw that my weekly mileage record was 33.2 miles.  I knew I had just beat my weekly TRAINING mileage of 31 miles, but the week of the actual marathon back in Dec of 2010, I ran 33.2 miles.  I couldn’t handle it.  I did what any sane person would have done.  I put my shoes back on and hopped on my new treadmill.

700 miles for the year (only 10 miles short of my highest yearly mileage of 710 in 2010) and 33.5 miles for the week.  I couldn’t be any happier with where I’m sitting right now.  I WILL hit my 1,000-mile goal for this year, and I WILL break 5 hours on December 1st.  Or die trying.

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