33 Before 33

It’s no secret that I’ve been feeling pretty down lately.  As hard as I’m trying not to, I find myself focusing on the negative more than is healthy.  Focusing on all the things I can’t control and do due to whatever circumstance… lack of time, lack of funds, etc.  Laura inspired me with this post, a list of 30 things she wants to do before she turns 30 in October.  Nothing life altering or earth shattering.  Thirty very specific, very doable things that will make her happy.  Since I need something positive to focus on, I’m doing the same thing.  Except I’m already 30, so it’s 33 before 33!

  1. Go hiking.  We live about 30 minutes from some hiking trails (hiking trails–not suitable for running according to the park ranger that I asked at the headquarters when I stopped to get a map), and I’ve never been on any of them.  Fix that.  And see if the park ranger really knew what he was talking about.  Scope out possible running trails.
  2. Spend a Saturday afternoon checking out all the independently owned shops on court square downtown.
  3. Make a vegan dessert and sneak it into the family’s Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner so they can eat it and then I can give them hell about it when they like it, completely invalidating their “My God, you must just eat rabbit food all the time,” way of thinking.
  4. Book next year’s vacation to the Dominican Republic with my bestie and her hubby!
  5. Run from my house to another city.  It’s almost exactly 14 miles from my driveway to the Walmart one city over.  All of my runs start and end in the same spot, but I think it would just be awesome to tell people I ran from Town A to Town B.  I can totally do that during this marathon training cycle.
  6. Take a vacation day just for the hell of it and do whatever I want to do that day.  And I’m not allowed to clean or do laundry or take an animal to the vet or get my teeth cleaned or any of that other crap that I always end up doing when I have a day off.
  7. Get a massage.  Most likely in conjunction with #6.
  8. Pick out colors to paint the living room, dining room/kitchen, and hallways.  If we get it DONE, even better, but I’ll be happy just forming a plan.
  9. Run a holiday-themed race.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all fall between now and my birthday, so surely I can find one of those!
  10. Volunteer with an animal rescue.  
  11. Go to a Trader Joe’s.  I’ve never been to one, and I hear people rave about them all the time.  There’s one a couple of hours from here, so maybe I can do this in conjunction with some Christmas shopping.
  12. Do something fun on New Year’s Eve.  We’ve spent the last three at home by ourselves.
  13. Channel my inner child and go play laser tag.  There’s a place here in town that opened a couple of years ago that has indoor go carts, laser tag, and all that other stuff kids (and by “kids” I mean 32-year-old women) like.  I’ve been wanting to go but I’ve been afraid I’d be the only adult there.  Screw it.  Go anyway.
  14. Go to a comedy show.
  15. Unplug.  Go one full day with no phone, no laptop, no Facebook, no texting, no TV, no Netflix.  Music is okay.
  16. Go to a second-hand store.
  17. Do at least one thing this Christmas season to bring joy to myself.  I’ve hated every second of the last few Christmases because of the added job pressures and financial strain.  I’m sure all that stuff won’t just magically disappear this year, but I will do ONE fun Christmasy thing this year.
  18. Go to a canvas painting class at the new place downtown.
  19. Go see This is 40 when it comes out.
  20. Also Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  21. Teach Harley a new command.
  22. Splurge on a pumpkin spice latte this fall at the local coffee shop.
  23. Go somewhere directly after work for happy hour.
  24. See a live band.
  25. Plant some trees in our back yard this fall.
  26. Read a book.  I’m open to suggestions.
  27. Go to a restaurant I’ve never been to.
  28. Have a sisters’ night out.  Or night in.
  29. Attempt to make an Indian dish.
  30. Swing in the park.
  31. Visit a different winery.
  32. Find a sitter for the animals and get out of town with the hubs for a weekend.  We missed out on our late-summer vacation, but surely we can sneak away for a couple of days.
  33. Do something with a friend.  I don’t care what–lunch date, movie, pedicure, whatever–just ONE thing with a friend.  
So there we go.  I’m already excited about making plans to do some of these things!  Ahhhhh, something pleasant to focus on.  Just what the doctor ordered right now…

7 thoughts on “33 Before 33

  1. This is an AMAZING list! And you can start on some of these things right now? Have you read the new Scott Jurek book? You may like that! And check out those hiking trails, and take pics, and show us!

    I wish I could be one of your local friends to grab that pumpkin spice latte with! 😉

    And YES to the sneaky vegan dessert!!!


  2. Fantastic list! Trader Joe's is awesome and I love the idea of demolishing preconceived notions about vegan food! I have been feeling really grumpy and negative about some work stuff recently, too, but I'm trying to turn it around and focus on the positive.


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