St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 5

Planned                                           Actual
Monday:  Rest                                 Monday:  3 @ 10:35
Tuesday:  3                                      Tuesday:  Rest
Wednesday:  6                                 Wednesday:  6 @ 11:06
Thursday:  3                                     Thursday:  3 @ 10:35
Friday:  Rest                                     Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  12                                    Saturday:  Rest
Sunday:  Cross                                 Sunday: 12 @ 11:18

Total:  24 miles                                Total:  24 miles

I still didn’t do everything on the right days, but at least I did everything in the correct order this week!  That’s a first!

We’ll call Monday a fartlek.  That’s my new code word for “ran with my dogs,” who spend as much time sniffing, peeing, and pooping as they do actually running.  They’re too much for me to handle taking them both out at the same time, so I ran each of them 1.5 miles.  Since it takes each of them a mile or so to get in a groove we didn’t get much quality run time in.  My goal this fall is to build up their stamina so they can come on some of my longer runs with me, too.

Wednesday’s 6 felt HARD, y’all.  Like REALLY hard.  Then at about mile 5 of the 6 miles it hit me that I had burned almost as many calories as I had eaten all day in that run alone.  This was at 7:00 and I hadn’t had anything since a banana and a small pack of peanuts 8 hours earlier.  No wonder.  Plus I lost 3 pounds of sweat.  Literally.  I weighed before and after.  Ridiculously sweaty.

Thursday I was supposed to meet up with speedy run buddy, but she had to cancel on me this week.  And I was secretly kind of happy.  It was hot and humid as shit, and running at her EASY pace likely would have killed me.  The 10:35 I ran felt hard enough.  And my iPod was dead when I tried to turn it on.  UGH.  I seriously contemplated bagging the run at that point, but I didn’t.  I had to listen to myself breathe for 3 miles.  That drives me NUTS!  I don’t know how some of you people run with no music.  The repetitive sound of breathing and foot strike bugs the living piss out of me.

I planned to get my 12 in on Saturday morning, but I changed my plans when I found myself still awake at 2:00 am.  Rather than going to bed early Friday night, D and I stayed up late and spent a little much-needed QT together.  Definitely worth it.  🙂  So Saturday night I set my alarm for 5:15 with plans to be out the door by 6.  Well, my furry alarm (aka “cat”) went off (aka “demanded breakfast”) a few minutes before 5, so I went ahead and cut my alarm clock off and got up, only to find it pouring down rain.  When it was still raining hard at 6, I went back to bed for a couple more hours.  I’m all for running in the rain, but not HARD rain for 12 freaking miles.  Don’t you just HATE IT when you get a couple of hours of unexpected extra sleep???  Yeah, me too…

When I finally did get up about 8:30, it was only drizzling so I headed out.  Dear sweet Lord, it was steamy.  But at least the sun wasn’t out, so it was surviveable.  I didn’t start taking walk breaks until the halfway point, at which time I stopped in the park long enough to slurp down a Gu and drink some water.  I took my first walk break then at then at every mile till the end, ending up with an 11:!8 average pace, right where I want it to be, so I was happy.  Except for the underarm chaffing.  If you heard an unidentifiable noise around noon central today, that was me screaming in the shower.

Why doesn’t it ever look as painful as it feels?

So, y’all, I have a question.  I’ve been drinking Nuun and Vega Sport Electrolyte Hydrator after a sweaty workout, but I have still been craving salt like a MOTHER this week.  Do you ever have that issue during an extra especially sweaty few days of training?  I had to force myself not to stop and steal my neighbor’s horses’ salt lick today.

2 thoughts on “St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 5

  1. Looks like successful week, congrats! My only cravings are usually of the fattening and comforting variety, not salt. I do use endurolyte pills on long runs, seems to work for me.


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