Tuesday Tidbits

  • The job postings went up this morning.  The job I want was on the list!  That is a huge relief.  That means I can apply for it as well as the others I’d rather not have but would be willing to take as a last resort if I don’t get this one.  There are about 60 locations on the list, so I have some homework to do to find out which ones are worth applying for.
  • I finally booked my room for RnR St. Louis.  I’ll be staying at the Missouri Athletic Club.  I never would have thought about that, but it was featured on the Travel page of the RnR web site.  It’s close to everything, cheaper than most of the hotels, and even though they won’t allow a late checkout (they have a huge wedding that evening and have to have all those rooms vacated as early as possible), I can go back and use their locker room to shower after the race.  Win-win-win!
  • I’ve also booked a room for the Little Rock Marathon next March.  And by “booked a room” I mean talked to my Mom’s BFF to make sure I can crash at her place again this year.  😉
  • I have to be satisfied with those two short trips for the time being because the whole work debacle has screwed us out of our late-summer vacation again this year.  Two years running now.
  • Our neighbors are moving out, and the family moving in has FIVE FREAKING KIDS.  FIVE.  We heard six at first, but I guess when you have that many it’s easy to miscount.  And I’m banking on them being spoiled little shits because the dad is a surgeon.  I’m so not looking forward to this.  
  • I think our poor tree is finally a goner.  It was struck by lightning two years ago, but we’ve been holding out hope for it because one section on it still seemed to be alive.  The last two springs that part of the tree has bloomed and had leaves.  Well, last week all those leaves in that green section turned brown pretty much overnight.  I guess it’s time for it to come down.  I hate that.  😦  It’s our only tree besides the two small pin oaks we have in the front yard that we planted when we moved in.
Anybody else doing RnR St. Louis this year? 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. YAY for your job being posted – I'll be crossing all my crossable parts that you get it! 🙂

    I hope your new neighbors' kids are GOOD kids.

    Sad about your tree and your lack of vacation. And I feel you on the lack of vacation. Big time.


  2. I am so happy the job was posted and that you figured out your stay for your races!

    Ugh. Do you live in a townhome or a home? Either way, I would NOT want to be that close to that many kids.


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