St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 3

Planned                                           Actual
Monday:  Rest                                 Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  3                                      Tuesday:  3 @ 9:24
Wednesday:  5                                 Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  3                                     Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  Rest                                     Friday:  3 @ 10:45
Saturday:  6                                      Saturday:  6 @ 10:11 + 22 min on the spin bike
Sunday:  Cross                                 Sunday:  5 @ 11:07

I was definitely a weekend warrior last week.  Because do you know how hard it is to get motivated to run on Wednesday and Thursday when it’s 90+ degrees but you can look two days into the forecast and see highs in the low 80s with mornings in the 50s???  Yep, that was me last week.  I know that running 82% of your weekly mileage over a 48-hour period isn’t the best idea, but since it was a cutback week and the mileage was low anyway, it worked.  So there.

Tuesday I ran with my new running buddy, T, in the park again.  There’s no doubt about it.  She’s gonna make me faster.

Friday after work I took Bella and Harley out for 1.5 miles each to make up for an easy 3.  Although it wasn’t all easy.  Harley is the perfect little running partner, but Bella… she makes it more of an interval workout.  Sprint, stop to pee, sprint, stop to pee… She calms down after a mile or so once the initial excitement levels off.  🙂

Saturday morning I was up and out the door at 6:45 for this week’s “long” run of six miles.  My first cutback week of the training plan.  It was a very welcome cool 59 degrees when I started running!  It was such a pleasant run.  Since it was so nice and so short I didn’t walk at the mile like I’ve been doing during long runs.  I just ran and enjoyed it and finished feeling fantastic and fresh.  It’s truly amazing what a few degrees will do.

And then I pedaled the spin bike for a few minutes while watching Revenge of the Nerds.

Sunday evening I went out for three solo miles then came home and got the doggies for two more to make up for the last mid-week five-miler that I missed, so that caught me up for the week.

Three weeks down, 15 to go!  Shit’s about to get real this week.  Eleven miles this weekend.  My first double-digit run since March.  Should be interesting…

4 thoughts on “St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 3

  1. I totally feel you on strategizing to run when the weather is optimal. Even if it didn't go according to plan, you got in a good week of training. I hope I find some running buddies soon!


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