St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 1

There are some things I can do well.  Apparently counting to 18 is not one of them.  I had been thinking for weeks that my 18-week marathon training program started on 7/23, but it actually didn’t start until 7/30.  Why I picked a marathon that would have me start training right smack in the middle of the sweltering southern summer is beyond me.

For now, the only goal is to get the miles in.  Screw a track workout.  Screw a tempo run.  Just run.  That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing all summer.  I started off with every intention of keeping up a track regimen through the summer, but I pretty much bailed on that after just a couple of weeks.  I’m such a hot-weather wuss.  I was worried that my speed would suffer for it, but those fears were laid to rest one day a couple of weeks ago. It was actually a cooler evening, less humid, and my 3-mile run was in the 9:30s and was extremely comfortable.  So I’ll keep doing what I’m doing for now and then sprinkle in some track and tempo workouts for my short runs when it cools off.  But for now, hot = slow.

Planned                                           Actual
Monday:  Rest                                 Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  3                                      Tuesday:  3 @ 10:37
Wednesday:  5                                 Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  3                                     Thursday:  5.1 @ 10:52
Friday:  Rest                                     Friday:  Rest
Saturday:  8                                      Saturday:  2.7ish? @ ?  (Ran naked)
Sunday:  Cross                                 Sunday:  8 @ 10:58 followed by 20 min spin then strength training

I had to juggle things around a bit because of working late a couple of times and an after-work hair appointment, but I got the mileage in.  I consider week one a success!  One down, 17 to go!

2 thoughts on “St. Jude Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Congrats on week one! I feel like building miles all year has been prep for the marathon, but it didn't seem totally accurate to say I was training for a December marathon in, say, April. After reading this post though I've decided it's time to start advertising.


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