CSA Update

Things are still going good on the CSA front.  We’ve gotten some much-needed rain the past few weeks, so the yield has picked up over what it was there for a couple of weeks, but we’re to a point now that things are getting pretty repetitive.  Lots of typical summertime veggies.  It makes for delicious salads but very boring blog posts, so I’ve refrained.  I’ve been positively slammed with tomatoes, and let’s face it, you can only eat so many of those in a day before you get acid burns on your tongue.  I’m not ready to delve into canning yet, so instead I oven-dried and froze a lot of the cherry tomatoes.  I started with a couple of cookie sheets of this

which several hours later looked like this.

They were freaking delicious.  I think I ate as many straight out of the oven as I froze.  Aside from the tomatoes, I’ve also been hammered with eggplant and potatoes.  Again, how many of those can you really eat?!  And I don’t even know if there is a way to preserve either of those.  I just gave my mom several pounds of potatoes, but nobody else will eat eggplant, so as much as it hurts my heart I’ve had to toss a couple of those.  I HATE throwing out food!!!!  I’ve been trying to find yummy eggplant recipes, but it seems like everything is either a ratatouille or a pasta.  I did find this one and made these.

Photo borrowed from link above.  I certainly don’t make things that pretty.

They were pretty damn delicious, but that only used up like half an eggplant, leaving me with 4-1/2 left in the fridge.

There have been some nice little surprises in the baskets lately.  I didn’t realize that we would get as much fruit as we’ve been getting.  I knew we’d get blueberries and blackberries, but we’ve also had concord grapes, apricots, and granny smith apples the past three weeks!  Bonus!

The farm owner sent out a notice that the pickup this past Thursday would be the last one for a few weeks.  They are winding down on their summer harvest and preparing the fields for the fall crops.  They expect it to be about a three week break but will keep us posted.  Honestly I’m kind of glad.  I really have enjoyed the CSA but I’m ready for a break too.  I’m kind of getting burned out on eating the same produce over and over again.   I miss the variety we had in the early season!  If I had help eating it, it would be different, but my husband won’t touch a vegetable, so I’ve been eating a full family share of produce by myself.  It’s either that or it goes bad.  So, yeah, I’m burned out.   I hope I don’t see another eggplant for a loooooong time…

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