I’m a Type A capricorn.  100% through and through.  I need structure.  I need a schedule.  I need a routine.  And until a week ago, I had that.  My day was wake, work, home for lunch, back to work, home, run and/or walk dogs, shower, start dinner, eat, and chill.  Last Monday I started a new assignment at work.  I’m doing the same job, but in another office.  A larger office.  An office with different hours.  Slightly later hours.  I no longer have time to stick to my previously established after-work routine.  Two nights this week I worked until 6:00 (after having gone in at 6:30 a.m.).  A third night I had to drive to the CSA farm an hour away, so it was after 7:00 when I got home that night, too.  Two of those days I didn’t get to take a lunch hour either.  It’s not that my new office is that much more demanding.  The problem lies with the fact that the office transfer happened so fast that I wasn’t able to spend enough time with the girl taking over my old office.  She was basically thrown in there by District with no clue what she was doing.  So, because I may still have to go back to that office and don’t want to come back to a giant shit storm, I’ve been going to that office on my lunch and after I close my office to help her out.  Because of this disruption, everything has suffered this week.  I’ve run 3.5 miles, I’ve eaten like shit, my house is a disaster, and my poor doggies haven’t gotten walked once.  I had my alarm set for 5:30 Saturday morning for my long run.  I did get up when the alarm went off, but I could barely keep my eyes open as I stumbled down the hall to the bathroom.  The week of 4-5 hours of sleep per night had caught up with me.  At that point, I said “fuck it” and went back to bed with intentions of doing it today instead.  So I set my alarm for 5:30 again last night with similar results this morning.  Only this morning I had a headache on top of it.  (One word: wine.  Does it to me every time.)  So I won’t get in a long run, but all isn’t lost.  It’s too hot right now to start out, but I’ll still be able to get in some miles tonight before it gets dark.  And work this week has GOT to be less hectic.  I feel like the girl in my old office is getting more of a grip on things, so I shouldn’t have to spend as much time with her this week.  As long as I can get off at 4:30 when I’m SUPPOSED to get off, I should still be able to get home and get most of the things done that I need to.  It’s just going to require a little juggling and better meal planning on my part.  I’ve gotta figure something out and make it work.  This marathon ain’t gonna run itself.

*** Edited to add the fact that it clouded up and cooled down into the 80s about 1:00, so I set out to get in as many miles as I could.  I ended up getting my 8 in, so long run is DONE!

5 thoughts on “Disruption

  1. Aw, crap. I hate weeks like that. I hope hope hope that things calm down LOTS and QUICKLY.

    (so glad you still managed your long run = ROCKSTAR. and sometimes wine is necessary, even if you know the headache is coming.)


  2. I am also a type A Capricorn! At times I wish I wasn't! it can be exhausting right! I want to be laid back…yeah no…I need structure and schedule like you. It is the only way to go.
    So I get it! I hate weeks like that. Hopefully things will settle down and you will figure out the new schedule that will work!

    I will try calling the Dr first…but I am 99% sure she will say I need to come in…


  3. Happy you were at least able to get the run in!

    It is so nice of you to go back and help the new girl in your old spot. It's crazy how an alternating work schedule messes us up SO much. Mine is different every week and I really struggle with it, because I need structure too. Feel free to complain to me if you ever need to. 🙂


  4. I'm also a big sucker for structure, which is part of the reason why this baby is really throwing me for a loop. I can't control ANYTHING anymore! Hope things settle out soon. And good for you for getting in your long run.


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