Filling In the Gaps

Ever since I went vegetarian last July (My vegiversary was July 9th and I totally forgot about that until just a few days ago.), and went a step further and eliminated most dairy in January, I have been adamant that I could get everything my body needed out of a plant-based diet.  Protein?  No problem.  Calcium?  Please.  Iron?  Got it covered.  It’s not like I’m sustaining myself on junk food.  The vast majority of my diet is wholesome, fresh, unprocessed, good-for-you stuff.  I’ve done the research to find out what things I could add to make sure I was getting well-rounded nutrition (pumpkin seeds, kelp, etc…).

But apparently it wasn’t enough.  For the past several weeks–maybe even months, I can’t really remember–I’ve found myself just getting tired.  Really feeling the day taking its toll.  Just really feeling fatigued.  Perpetually on the verge of falling asleep.  And then one morning while putting on my makeup I noticed that the pinks in the corners of my eyes weren’t really so pink anymore, so that left me thinking that maybe I was missing something.  Just to see, last weekend I started taking a multivitamin, iron, and B12.  I seriously can’t even describe the difference.  I knew I was tired, but I didn’t realize just how run down I had been feeling until I didn’t anymore.  Am I really deficient in something?  Is it a placebo effect?  I don’t really know.  I have my regular yearly doctor appointment on Monday, so I think I’ll bring it up with him and maybe ask for a blood draw.  Until someone can tell me a good reason to do otherwise, I’m gonna stick with what seems to be working.

Do you take supplements?  Have you ever been anemic?  Were you self-diagnosed or did you have the lab work to back it up?

7 thoughts on “Filling In the Gaps

  1. I absolutely take supplements, especially living the raw/plant-based lifestyle. I'm also doing a lot of cancer treatment/preventative supplementing, but I am a huge advocate for the basics, such as Food-Based Multivitamins, B-Complex + B-12, and cal + Vit D… I also push for adequate Omega-3, (3,6,9 in most cases), sometimes iodine, and Vit C depending on eating habits.

    If you (anyone for that matter) have the opportunity definitely get a blood panel (CBC/FBC/FBE) and do the whole nine yards to learn all your potential deficiencies. Some go unnoticed and can be irreversible, so in addition to listening to your body, test the essentials.


  2. I'm glad the vitamins seem to be helping with the fatigue and whatever deficiency was going on. I definitely think it's wise to get it checked out when you see your doctor, though.


  3. I'm not vegetarian, but I have a history of low iron which gave me pica (like weird wanting to eat detergent) when I was pregnant. Those symptoms returned when I started marathon training. A multi-vitamin really helps me. And luckily I don't get hungry in the soap aisle anymore.


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