The Mezamashii Project

Several weeks ago, I received a rather cryptic email from someone named Sally claiming to be emailing on behalf of Mizuno and asking for my physical mailing address, but she said she couldn’t really tell me why yet–only that Mizuno wanted to send me an invitation to something.  I was a little skeptical, but I gave her my PO Box information and pretty well dismissed it.  Quite a bit of time passed, and I had almost forgotten about it when I received this in the mail just a couple of weeks ago.

The Mezamashii Project is Mizuno’s way of putting their money where their mouth is.  They believe that their shoes create a more euphoric running experience, and they are willing to put free shoes on feet to prove it.  As a founding member of the Project, I was invited to select any pair of Mizuno shoes for free. Now I’ll be honest here. I used to wear the Mizuno Wave Riders.  They were the shoe that a running store put me in when I had my first gait analysis done back in 2010.  I went through three pair of them.  And for the majority of that time, I had ITB issues.  To deal with those issues, I made some changes, shoes being one of them.  I switched to the Brooks Ghost line, and I haven’t had any issues since.  Since I changed shoes at the same time I introduced other preventative measures (i.e., foam rolling), I can’t say with any certainty that the shoes had any bearing on it whatsoever, but I was still a little hesitant to return to that specific shoe.  After researching the other neutral shoes and talking with Mizuno’s fit specialist, I decided on the Wave Enigma.  The bonus?  THEY’RE FREAKING PURPLE.

The way I saw it, even if I hated them for running, I still had a kickass pair of purple shoes to wear.

I’ve taken them out on a few short runs, and honestly I believe short runs is all I’ll ever use them for.  When I first switched to Brooks Ghosts, the difference that I most noticed immediately was the wider toe box.  I didn’t realize how constricting the Wave Rider toe box was until I switched to something that wasn’t.  When I walk and run, my toes kind of splay out.  With the Wave Rider, and now with the Wave Enigma, they don’t have room to do that.  Even though the width is perfect through the heel and midfoot, my toes feel scrunched up.  I don’t think these beauties will ever see any long run action.

These little piggies need their space.  And a pedicure.

Even though they’re not exactly for me, thanks so much to Mizuno for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of the Mezamashii Project and to try out a new pair of shoes!

4 thoughts on “The Mezamashii Project

  1. Dude.

    I don't wear Mizuno. So when I called to get mine, I specifically asked how they run compared to the shoes I do wear (Saucony, Brooks, Adidas). True to size, they say.

    Dirty liars.

    waaaay too small. And when I called back to get exchange info, dude says they run true to size; the shoes I wear now must be big….

    Really. All of them. Brooks, Adidas, Saucony. All of them.

    So I've got a pair of pretty purple shoes that I guess I need to send back. Bah. So much work. Apparently I'm too lazy for free shoes.


  2. I love that they are purple! And that you are honest about what you will use them for. I wore mine this am and at first I had a hard time adjusting to less gel cushioning (I am an Asics girl). But I felt good at the end of my 6 miles. I got the trail shoes and need to try longer runs though to see if they really work for me!


  3. I got free shoes from that project too! They are bright yellow and look FAST (even if I'm not). I'm saving them for post-pregnancy because you can't wear hot yellow shoes and be waddling…it just isn't right.


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