CSA Weeks 6 and 7

I’ve always enjoyed eating.  Sometimes too much.  USUALLY too much.  But never have I enjoyed cooking so much.  If anyone had told me I would enjoy this whole CSA experience this much, I’d have thought they were a total fruit loop.  Maybe it’s just because I feel more… I don’t know… involved?  Actually going to the farm to get the food and stuff.  Maybe it’s just because it’s so fresh and flavorful.  Maybe it’s because I’ve been eating 99% vegan so there’s no guilt.  Whatever it is, I’m loving it!
Week 6:  Potatoes, mint, yellow squash, patty pan squash, red and green tomatoes, turnips, cabbage (AGAIN), tomatillos, zucchini, bell peppers, eggplant, chard, and kale.

I had heard of tomatillos, and maybe I’d even unknowingly eaten them before, but I certainly had never bought them or cooked with them.  I honestly had no idea what to do with them.  I googled, and just about every recipe that came up was some kind of salsa or verde sauce, but then a friend sent me the link to this recipe.  Sounded good to me!  I couldn’t find the chiles in adobo sauce at my regular grocery, so that gave me an excuse to go into that little Mexican grocery in town that I’d never been to.  I had been curious about it but never went in because from the street it looked pretty shady.  Yeah, it was no better on the inside, but they had what I needed so it was all good.


I still had beets from the previous week to use up, so I made this beet and berry smoothie again.  This time I added a little bit of agave nectar and it made all the difference in the world.  It was still kinda pulpy, so maybe if I ever make it again I’ll steam the beets first.  Maybe that’ll make them blend a little smoother…

If nothing else, at least it’s pretty!

The chili had a very close runner-up as my favorite meal this week.  Another friend sent me a link to this avocado sauce, and it sounded like it would pair perfectly with “zoodles” (zucchini noodles)!  The sauce was absolutely decadent.  I didn’t use the oil that the recipe called for, and it was a little bit thick, so I just added another splash of lemon juice.  PERFECTION.

Week 7:  Yellow squash, zucchini, potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, purple sweet peppers, blueberries, cabbage (yes… again… will this stuff ever go out of season???), okra, and jalapenos.  No greens!  😦  It has finally gotten too hot.
The biggest, fattest, juiciest heirloom tomato ever..
The only way to eat an heirloom–on whole wheat with Vegenaise and a slice of cabbage.  Everything comes with a side of cabbage these days.

I really wasn’t feeling very creative this week.  I actually made a lot of repeat stuff.  I had an eggplant/squash marinara again, the zoodles with avocado sauce again, baked potatoes, roasted veggies, salads… basically anything easy simple as I’ve been pretty distracted by life this week.  I did do one new thing this week though!  Mashed turnips!  Made just like mashed taters and OH SO GOOD!  And this isn’t anything new, but I did use some CSA ingredients in it.

Paella primavera:  Best enjoyed on the deck with a Heineken.
I’m 1/3 of the way through our 20 week program, and I’m already dreading it coming to an end!

7 thoughts on “CSA Weeks 6 and 7

  1. That's a lot of produce. I'm lucky. My boyfriend's aunt has a huge garden and I can just go there and “shop”
    She sends me home with so much produce that I am trying so hard to finish them up.


  2. I absolutely love your enthusiasm!! I finally made a list of farms to go check out before committing to a CSA — I guess the season is a little late here, this week was the first week of the 21, most are taking July 4th week off, and starting back up the following week, so hopefully I can get my act together by then:)

    Since you're raw/vegan I have to ask you… do you find yourself getting enough produce?? Are you needing to go to the store for more produce before the weeks end? We consume SO.MUCH. I'm wondering if I need to double up AND do a fruit share!!!


  3. Oh, yeah, I still have to get more. I use everything I get from the farm and then some. Especially fruit. The only fruit I've gotten from the CSA is blueberries. There will be pears and apples later, but I still have to buy all my fruit. And I do still buy some veggie produce. Especially now that it's too hot in TN to grow greens. People that eat less greens than I do probably got enough the first few weeks to freeze, but not me! lol So yeah. I try to base everything I make off what I have on hand from the CSA, but I still have to supplement.


  4. Haha! You should try that avocado/zucchini thing! No cooking required. 🙂 Slice the zuch, toss the other stuff in a food processor, and stir it together. Five minutes TOPS!


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