The Return of Track Tuesday

Okay, I’ve been dicking around long enough.  I haven’t been to the track since March.  While I have still been running, most of those runs have been at an easy pace, with my only goal being to keep moving during summer.  Well, I’ve decided that one track workout a week won’t kill me.  Hopefully.

I didn’t really plan on incorporating any speed work until I officially started a training plan for the marathon, but after looking over the first few weeks of that crazyass Smart Coach plan, I wasn’t too intimidated by the suggested paces and felt they would be a good way to at least keep a little bit of pep in my step through the dog days.

Planned Workout:  Four miles.  One mile warm-up then 1600 x 2 @ 9:21 with 800 recovery jogs.
Actual:  Four miles.  One mile warm-up @ 10:59, 1600 @ 9:16, 800 @ 10:54, 1600 @ 9:07, 800 @ 11:05

Success!  And it really didn’t suck all that bad!  That TOTALLY means I can run a 4:19:22 marathon, right?


3 thoughts on “The Return of Track Tuesday

  1. Good for you! And if it makes you feel any better, when I got on the track last week I commented to my friend that the last time I was on the track my shirt had a coating of ice on it from the hose that was watering the infield that (cold) morning.


  2. Way to kick some track ass! I've only been running slow and it makes me afraid that I'll never run faster for the rest of my life. Overly dramatic? Perhaps… I think this totally means you'll run a 4:19 marathon!


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