Wanna Hear Something Funny?

Runner’s World Smart Coach says I should be able to run a marathon in 4:19:22.


I know I’m still a long ways away from race day, but just for giggles last weekend I punched in my four-miler race time from April (I actually used the 5K split because 4M wasn’t an option) and the 12/2 race date, and it spit out a 26-week training plan leading up to a 4:19:22 finish.  This plan included SEVEN 20-mile training runs.

That Smart Coach… he’s a real hoot.

I’ll do this again in about six more weeks and see if he wants to be serious yet.

5 thoughts on “Wanna Hear Something Funny?

  1. I just had to look at Smart Coach online. I have the app and never looked at or saw a pace. Online it says I should be able to do 3:52 with my most recent half time. Hmmm….I do want to break 4 hours but it seems like a HUGE difference from my last time of 4:47ish.


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