The Cruise: Days 3 and 4 – Cozumel and Belize

Okay, I’ve been jacking around long enough.  We’ve been home for almost a month and I still don’t have this post series complete!  The details are starting to get fuzzy, so I’ve got a feeling the posts will be more photos and less words from here on out!

On Day 3, we reached our first port of call–Cozumel.  As soon as we debarked, we met at the assigned rendezvous point, boarded a large catamaran and set sail for a private beach on Passion Island.  It was magnificent.

We did a lot of this:

and drank several of these:

and all too soon it was time to go get back on the catamaran

to head back to this:

We didn’t have any lunch, so we were pretty hungry by the time we got back on the ship.  After a rather competitive game of mini-golf (Hey, we’re competitive at EVERYTHING, but mini-golf brings out the most smack talk.  And darts.  And ladderball.  Oh, and Skip-Bo.), and after I put in a few treadmill miles, we just decided to clean up and grab something at one of the other quicker, more convenient and casual deck-side restaurants rather than waiting until our 8:15 dining time.  This was by far the most laid back, relaxing day of the whole trip.

Day 4 was spent in Belize.  It was our longest day in port, but rather than spending it doing lots of stuff, we chose to do one thing that we had both always wanted to do.  See some Mayan ruins!  In order to do this, we had to take a two-hour bus ride inland.  Yes, there were ruins in Mexico that we could have gone to that were closer and would have taken less time, but by doing my homework in advance I knew that there was much more to see at the ones in Belize.  The site we visited was called Xunantunich, and it did not disappoint.

It was miserably hot that day, so as awesome as it was we were definitely more than ready to get back on the air conditioned bus!  Our driver managed to make up some time on the road, but the boat still ended up having to wait for nearly an hour for our bus to return.  Had we been off on our own, we would have been S.O.L., stranded in Belize, but since we were on a Carnival-booked excursion, they had to wait for us and the 34 other guests on the bus.  The reason for the delay?  When we got to Xunantunich, we weren’t allowed to go in. The Belizean Tourism Police (Yes, they’re real.  They were wearing uniforms and everything.  Belize must have a low crime rate if they have nothing better to do.) stopped us at the entrance to the state park.  We exceeded the guide-to-guest ratio.  No, I’m not joking.  There was supposed to be one tour guide for every 20 guests.  There were 36 of us.  We weren’t allowed to go into the park until the tour company got another guide there, which took nearly an hour.  This made NO sense whatsoever because you didn’t even HAVE to be part of a tour to go into the park.  It was just that–a state park.  Anyone could pay their admission and walk up in there.  Why they felt like we had to have our hands held was beyond me.  Everyone was a little miffed about that, but overall it was still a great day.

As soon as we got back on the ship, I had just enough time to go back to the stateroom to change clothes and get to the gym.  I had an appointment with a personal trainer for a body composition consultation.  But that will be a post of its own!

4 thoughts on “The Cruise: Days 3 and 4 – Cozumel and Belize

  1. Wow that's crazy about the ratio and making you wait. You think as many tours and cruise boats come in they would have known about it beforehand! I think next time we cruise, we will do the open dining rather than the scheduled time dining.


  2. Ahh, the beach looks great!

    We have wanted to go to Belize for quite some time! The ruins yes, and the scuba diving too! What a beautiful country. Good thing you were on a tour bus. Geesh! It would have been frustrating to wait in that heat!


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