One Week!!!

Exactly one week from today, I will be sporting this medal

Do YOU have a race medal that doubles as a bottle opener?

(hopefully with a new PR that is just as shiny and awesome) and partying it up on the sands of Virginia Beach.  To say I’m excited about this race is an enormous understatement.

  • It’s a weekend away for the hubby and me.
  • It’s on the beach!
  • I’m running with the most awesome friend and running partner a girl could ask for.
  • We are both UNINJURED and HEALTHY!  (Although her goal of a sub-2 has been put on the back burner until the fall because she is just coming back from a knee injury after the Richmond half.)
  • The after party.
  • SOOOOOOO many more reasons!
I just keep looking through their Facebook page  getting more and more excited.  Shoot, I’ve already got most of my clothes and my race bag laid out.  It’s ridiculous, really, for a grown person to get this excited about dressing in green and running.  But I have no shame!  BRING IT ON!!!

12 thoughts on “One Week!!!

  1. Nice medal! It'll feel really good to put it on after you've finished! I'm also doing a half marathon on Sunday (the Half of Quincy, Quincy, MA) but I don't think we're getting such a cool looking medal.

    Have a terrific run!


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