Three Things Thursday

1.   It is February 23rd, and as I type this I have the doors open enjoying the sunny 75-degree day.  That just ain’t right, man.  I love it, but it ain’t right.

2.   I’ve been doing a kick-ass job on my diet lately.  Not meaning that to say that I’m “on a diet,” but rather I’ve just been cleaning it up.  I’ve been making great strides toward veganism and cutting back on sugar and just all around making better choices.  Until today.  A coworker’s wife sent him to work with a big ol’ platter full of homemade doughnut holes.  Did you hear that?  Yeah, that was the sound of my diet being shot to hell.

3.   We got our taxes done Monday.  Monday was a GOOD DAY.

12 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Loving these temps too. If this is global warming, then I'm going to leave my SUV running in the driveway all night pumping that sweet pollution into the ozone. Big thumbs-up to Al Gore for inventing global warming … and for inventing the internet so I can make lame jokes about it, and him.

    Taxes … ugh. Haven't even given them a thought yet.


  2. I've been sugar free since christmas. It's easy enough to do IF co-workers like yours don't mess it up!! Donuts and chocolates are my weakness!!

    Good luck with your “diet”………….


  3. Woo hoo to having taxes done! We are doing ours next week!!! This is very late for us… but whatevs 🙂

    Share your clean eating diet tips with me! I need some motivation!


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