I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.  Always my wedding set and usually a pair of earrings, and if I’m dressed up maybe a right-hand ring too.  Necklaces?  Rarely.  But I’ve had my eye on one for a little while that I’ve really been wanting.  It’s at endureshop.com.  Specifically, this one:

I just love the simplicity of it.  The only problem is I’m way too cheap to spend $52 on a necklace.  I mean, come on, that’s a race fee!  Or a big chunk of a pair of shoes!
I mentioned my friend Shelly’s etsy shop before last year when I bought some earrings from her.  I knew she made custom necklaces, so I asked her if she could make one for me that just said “run”.  She was more than happy to do it!  She even made a few for me to pick from.
I chose the one on the lower left.  I received it in the mail on Monday, and I absolutely adore it!  I’ve worn it every day since.  You know you want one too.  What better way to fashionably show your pride in what we all love to do???

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