Good Things Come to Those Who Procrastinate

About a month ago, I finally made up my mind that I wanted to sign up for the Little Rock Half Marathon only to learn that it was already sold out.  When I informed my Mom’s BFF, who had already offered to put me up that weekend, that I wouldn’t be coming, she was all, “My husband’s company is a sponsor.  Do you want me to see if he can get you in?”  Ummm… YEAH!  Well, he put in an email or two, but the best he could do was get me on a waiting list.  I never expected to hear anything else about it.

And then Sunday night, I got an email telling me there was a spot open!  After a quick text to Mom, who in turn sent a quick text to her BFF to make sure we were still invited, it was on.  I sent my registration in and secured my spot on Monday.

As of right now, I’m not planning on racing it.  I’ll probably throw some race-pace miles in there, but it’s only two weeks before Shamrock, and that’s the one that I’m really focusing on.  Little Rock will just be the most expensive training run ever.

Part of me wishes I was trained to run a full.  For one reason only.  THE MEDAL.  I can’t believe the marathon finisher’s medal.

No idea who this chick is.  I swiped the photo from the Little Rock Marathon Facebook page just to show you the medal.

Does that make anyone else wanna yell “YEAH BOOOOOOOYYYYY!!!!!!” a la Flavor Flav?

6 thoughts on “Good Things Come to Those Who Procrastinate

  1. That's a huge medal! That alone would motivate me through all those miles. Then I would wear it non-stop for at least a week – to the grocery store, picking up the kids at school, etc… Just because I could. Maybe I would start a trend among all the other suburban moms who run…


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